Continued promotion of Angus Australia Verified brands at SIAL, China 2018

July 31, 2018 3:44 pm

Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson recently travelled to Shanghai, China to continue the promotion and support of Angus brands who are independently verified by Angus Australia. These brands included:

  • NH Foods Australia’s Angus Reserve, 1788 Platinum and Omugi
  • Thomas Foods International’s Angus Pure
  • Bindaree Beef’s Cape Byron Angus Beef

SIAL China 2018 is Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition and the 4th biggest food show in the world.

SIAL China 2018 at a glance:

  • 40 acres of exhibit area
  • 3,200 exhibitors from over 67 countries
  • 110,000 trade attendees from all over the world
  • 150,000 exhibition spaces over 4 product zones:
    • Meat
    • Beverage
    • Dairy
    • Wine

SIAL China 2018 is very similar to the recent FHA Tradeshow in Singapore which Angus Australia also supported with every kind of food and beverage imaginable from all over the world looking for opportunities to supply into the ever-growing beast that is the Chinese market.

Prospects to build awareness of independent verification of Angus brands and promotion of those brands were constant with thousands of Chinese importers and traders looking to establish relationships and build value chains with Australian beef processors, with a heavy focus on Angus beef.

Verified brand owners, along with MLA’s International markets team have applauded Angus Australia’s support of these major trade events and say it highlights Angus Australia’s seriousness about truly supporting Australian Angus producers and their markets.

Much like in SE Asia, Australian Angus brands in China are seeing increased pressure from South American Angus brands that are slightly cheaper and good comparatively on eating quality, however they struggle when it comes to consistency of their product and this is a real advantage and point of difference for Australian Angus brands.

During this trip Liz had the opportunity to visit the largest wet market in Shanghai, which incidentally is one of the largest wet markets in the world, in the Boashan District 45 minutes north east of Shanghai. The wet market is the central hub for all fresh and frozen food entering China to be distributed throughout Asia.

Liz visited with Leader Beef Foods Trade Co Ltd, an Angus exclusive trader and High Hopes International, a government owned importer. Both the importer and trader were clear to state that the marketing of Angus beef over other beef has only become a key driver over the last 3 years and it is a relatively new market.

This being the case they, are excitedly keen to connect with Angus Australia with the opportunity for marketing and promotional support of Angus beef to their customers. These customers mainly consist of restaurant, hotels and food service.

When it comes to the average Chinese consumer their knowledge of beef, what is should look like and how it should taste is arguably one of the best of any culture around the world. They know what good beef looks like and are keen to sight their beef before it is cooked.

Most restaurants have their beef on display for customers to select much like in Australia when picking your lobster or crab from the tank in a high-end restaurant. Chinese consumers also understand that the longer the days on feed, the better the beef will be and this days on feed information is extremely important to them.

This was certainly an unexpected trend as the Australian feedlot industry in recent years has moved away from using days on feed as an identifier of product and singularly in a lot of cases focusing on marble score alone.

By attending these trade shows and establishing relationships throughout the beef supply chain, it creates huge value to Angus Australia members by better understanding of what is important to consumers of Angus beef throughout Australia, SE Asia, China and the rest of the world and how Angus Australia can generate value throughout the supply chain.

Top Image: NH Foods Australia Export Sales Manager, Atsushi Nakao, Liz-Pearson, Angus Australia, NH Foods China Import Beef Supply Chain Director, Jacky Li and Wingham Beef Exports Production Sales Cordinato, Glen Darcy.