Demand remains steady for Angus cattle despite market softening

December 14, 2015 2:39 pm

While there has been a big increase of cattle numbers across all auctions over the past two weeks Angus and Angus cross cattle have continued their run of strong prices.

Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale saw steers reach up to 369c/kg. This price was achieved by 61 yearling Angus steers on account of JY & AL Capel, Rocky Creek NSW. The 244kg steers were 13 to 14 months old and made $900 per head.

80 weaned Angus steers, 221kg and 6 to 8 months old and offered by Wimboyne Pty Ltd, Quirindi NSW, made 364c/kg or $805 in the same weight category.

250kg to 300kg steers remained steady to average 320c/kg. 108 backgrounder Angus steers made 38c above this average price to reach 358c/kg or $940.

The steers offered on account of M & T Wales, Meandarra QLD, were 262kg and 7 to 12 months old.

97 PTIC first calver Angus heifers topped the joined female market at $1,510. The 17 to 21 month old Angus heifers were offered on account of EA Blake & Sons, Walcha NSW.

The cow and calf market reached a top of $1,750 for 49 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, on account of Danedite Pty Ltd, Weerite VIC.

Over on the west coast, in the WA AuctionsPlus sale on 12/10/15, 11 Angus cows, that have been depastured with an Angus bull made $1,760. The cows were offered on account of BA & RN Ravenhill, Albany WA.

Other AuctionsPlus Results 09/10/15:
– 77 Angus steers on account of Red Island Beef, Bundarra NSW, 231kg, 12 to 14 months, made 356c/kg or $825
– 50 yearling Angus steers on account of Outwest Angus, Coonamble NSW, 335kg, 10-12 months old, made 323c/kg or $1,082.
– 9, 11 year old Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, on account of Nosraep Enterprises, Guyra NSW, made $1,300

The Roma store cattle sale 06/10/15 saw Angus and Angus cross cattle reach some top prices in a market that has come back slightly.

Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 343c/kg for a pen of Angus steers offered by Ian Brumpton Holdings, Roma QLD. The 337kg steers returned $1,157.

Wondolin Pastoral Co, Wallumbilla QLD sold 346kg Angus cross steers in the same category for 338c/kg to return $1,173.

Heifers in the 280-350kg range topped at 314c/kg. The Angus cross heifers that reached this price returned $1,173. These 335kg were also on account of Wondolin Pastoral Co, Wallumbilla QLD.

The best of the grown steers at the Colac store cattle sale 02/10/15 made $1,570 (330c/kg) for a pen of 13 Angus and Angus cross steers. The 475kg steers were offered by Telegraph Road Partnership.

7 Angus steers, 385kg, offered by R Eldridge made 361c/kg or $1,390.

A Lang and Son sold 10 Angus steers, 11-15 months, 371kg for 372c/kg or $1,390.

The annual Paul & Scollard Spring Sale at Myrtleford VIC on the 02/10/15 saw Angus cattle reach the top price in all categories.

T & K Taylor, Milawa VIC received the top price for cows and calves. Their 23 Angus heifers with calves at foot made $2,040.

10 Angus steers on account of L Walpole, Rosewhite VIC sold for the top price of $1,580.

The heifer portion of the sale topped at $1,340. This result was achieved by 17 Angus heifers, 460kg on account of Nylon, Buffalo Creek VIC.

Angus cows and calves sold exceptionally well at the Wangaratta Special Store cattle sale, VIC 02/10/15 reaching a market top of $2,175.

Ryan & Robyn offered 29 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, with all 5 pens making from $1,775 to the top of $2,175.

Leongotha store cattle VIC 01/10/15 sale saw prices for Angus cattle remain consistent, despite a drop in the overall market.

A & T Stackhouse, Flinders Island sold 37 Angus heifers from $980 to the sale top for heifers of $1,180.

GW & GJ Bland, Yarram VIC sold 37 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot from $1,540 to to a top of $1,680 , to reach the top price for cows and calves at the sale.

Other Leongatha results:
– 45 Angus steers on account of A Conisbee, Glengarry VIC, 11-12 months made 372c/kg or $1,370
– 19 Angus steers on account of JJF Holdings Traralogon, VIC, 394kg made $1,400
– 19 Angus heifers on account of M & J Elliot Licola VIC, made $1,055

Other sales around Australia:

Mt Barker WA, 24/09/15
– 17 Angus steers, 342kg, offered by BD & SJ Smith made top price for heavy yearling steers, reaching 345c/kg or $1,179
– 11 Angus weaner steers, 308kg, offered by Winniston Farm made 339c/kg or $1,044

Image above: Steers reached 369c/kg in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale 09/10/15. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus