Update on Director Nominations – 19/3/18

March 13, 2018 9:00 am

Nominations are now open for State Elected Director positions from the states of New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia; and 2 x National Elected positions.

Currently serving Directors in these positions include:

Sam White (National elected Director – eligible for re-nomination)

Dean Frederickson (National elected Director – eligible for re-nomination)

Laurie Denholm (NSW State elected Director – eligible for re-nomination)

Samantha Dobson (Tas State elected Director – eligible for re-nomination)

Lindsay Wolrige (WA State elected Director – not eligible for re-nomination, served maximum of 4 consecutive terms)

Nomination forms have been sent via email or post to all Full and Honorary Life members.

Completed nominations must be received at The Angus Society of Australia Limited’s registered office by 5.00pm (AEST) on 19th March 2018.  Nominations will be listed on the Angus Australia website as they are received and processed.

To date the following nominations have been received:

National: Hamish McFarlane, Andrew Kuss, Laurie Denholm, Sam White

New South Wales: Laurie Denholm

Tasmania: Jock Hughes

Western Australia: Andrew Kuss

This page will be regularly updated as nominations are received.  Last update 19th March 2018.

For further information on becoming a Director of Angus Australia click here.