Director Nominations Closed

March 19, 2018 10:37 pm

Nominations for State Elected Director positions from the states of New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia; and 2 x National Elected positions closed at 5:00pm on Monday 19th March.

The following nominations were received:

National: Hamish McFarlane (Vic), Andrew Kuss (WA), Laurie Denholm (NSW), Sam White (NSW), Erica Halliday (NSW)

New South Wales: Laurie Denholm, Erica Halliday

Tasmania: Jock Hughes

Western Australia: Andrew Kuss

An electronic ballot will be conducted over the coming weeks for members to select a single state-elected Director for NSW and 2 nationally-elected Directors.

Peter Parnell

CEO and Company Secretary

20th March 2018