Dominant sale results for Angus cattle

December 10, 2015 3:34 pm

For the third week in a row, Angus steers have made 400c or greater in the Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale that takes place every Friday, with 78 Angus backgrounder steers reaching the top price of the sale for steers at 409c.

This offering of steers 6-11 months averaged 255kg to make $925 per head. Vendor, Golden Arrow, Hannaford QLD, has been breeding Angus cattle for over 22 years.

The steers were described by Grant, Daniel & Long assessor, Russell Jorgensen as a ‘a great line of EU Angus steers with a wealth of breeding. Vendor has a great reputation of quality cattle’.

70 feeder Angus steers offered on account of Locksley Pastoral Co, Purlewaugh NSW topped the market for steers over 350kg when they were knocked down for 360c or $1,358.

The steers were 12-14 months old and weighed in at 377kg.

In the same category 64 feeder Angus steers, 17-18 months old and 420kg offered by Glen Falloch Angus, Warrenbayne VIC, made 335c or $1,405.

The female offering remained strong as producers look to restock in certain in areas.

Cows with calves are now regularly making over $2,000 and the trend continued on Friday with Angus cows and calves again topping the market to make $2,150.

Offered by N.K McBurnie, Denilquin NSW, the 3 year old cows had Angus calves at foot and were described by Landmark assessor Bill O’Brien as ‘a quality line of well bred 2nd calf cows with well bred sappy calves at foot. Cows are very quiet with good frame and in very good condition’.

Angus first calvers twice made $2,000 to top the market for first calvers in Friday’s Sale.

48 Angus cows and calves from offered by the Charlton Brothers, Ballimore NSW and 19 station mated Angus cows and calves offered by NM & SJ Cosier, Wellington NSW shared joint honours.

17 Angus/Santa cross heifers PTIC to an Angus bull, Allora QLD topped the market for young females to make $1,460. The 20-24 month old females were offered by Billeroy Farms P/L.

Angus cross cattle have received some great results at saleyards throughout QLD in the last week.

In Toowoomba, lightweight Angus cross steers, Ramsay QLD made 332c

While in Warwick, Angus cross bullocks, Millmerran QLD topped the market at 314c for 630kg to return $1,979; 346kg Angus cross feeder steers, Wheatvale QLD topped at 335c to return $1,166; 300kg Angus cross yearling heifer, Clifton made 315c to return $946

The Gympie sale saw Angus cross steers, Coondoo QLD sold for 304c or $1,064

Other results:

Bairnsdale store cattle sale 18/09/15:
– 2 year old Angus steers offered by Ken & Joan Connley, Benambra VIC made $1,460
– Angus cows with calves at foot tooped the market with $1,720 from Joe Walters, Tambo Upper VIC.

CTLX – Carcoar 11/09/15:
– 14 Angus and Angus cross steers reached top price for steers >330kg when the 375kg pen made $1,200

Gloucester Store Cattle Sale 10/09/15:
– Angus steers from Sepos Pastoral Co, Allworth NSW topped the light weaner market at $780
– Angus cross yearling steers from P.J Everett, Barrington NSW topped the yearling steer market at $1,280
– Angus bullocks from Alan Cox, Wingham NSW topped the bullock market at $1,475
– Angus weaner heifers from B Griffis, Buladelah NSW topped the weaner heifer market at $630
– Angus cross heifers from Toonibal P/L, Barrington NSW topped the older heifer market at $1,155

Pakenham store cattle sale 10/09/15
– Top of the market was a draft of 47 yearling Angus steers from D Bristow, Yering VIC 490-530kg made 326c-343c or $1,680-$1730, bettering results from the fat sale on the Monday.
– Lighter weight steers reached a top of $1,290 for 16 Angus steers offered by East Gippsland Resources, Toora North VIC
– Very light steers topped at $805 for 23 250kg Angus steers, sold by Parker Amber, Krowera VIC
– Heifers reached a top of $1,050 for 12 yearling Angus heifers, 375kg, sold by Tongio Station, Tongio VIC

Image below: Cows & calves again tipped over the $2,000 mark with Angus cows topping at $2,150 on the 18th of September. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus