Early Christmas on AuctionsPlus

January 6, 2016 3:14 pm

The lead up to Christmas certainly didn’t put a dampener on the final Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale of the year, as Angus and Angus influenced cattle topped 7 categories in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale (18/11/15).

Steers reached a top of 382c/kg for the overall sale, which also topped the steer market 300-350kg. This top price was achieved by 47 feeder Angus steers, 307kg and 13-15 months old.

The steers offered by WC & MA Doak, Bundarra NSW, made $1,174 per head.

A line of Angus cross Santa cross heifers topped the market for heifers 250-300kg. 76 275kg heifers, 10-15 months old, made 345c/kg or $950.

Offered by Mirradong Partnership, Goondiwindi QLD, the heifers were described by assessor Cody Scott as, ‘ A good line of Angus cross heifers that would make future breeders or would suit a backgrounding program’.

Steers over 350kg reached a top of 342c/kg or $1,239 for 62 yearling Angus and Angus cross (31 Angus and 31 Angus cross Angus cross). Offered by Kapsch Farms, Weetaliba NSW, the steers were described by Callow Livestock assessor as, ‘ A good quality line of EU Angus and Angus cross steers’.

Angus heifers 384kg, topped the market for heifers over 350kg. The 15-17 month old heifers were offered by Valley Park Grazing Co, Glen Innes NSW and made 324c/kg or $1,245.

PTIC Angus heifers topped the PTIC market, when 28 heifers, 19-20 months, joined to an Angus bull, finished the sale on $1,810. The heifers were offered by GE & AM Hill, Euroa VIC.

Cows and calves now regularly make over $2,000, with 25 Angus cross Senepol cows with calves at foot, topping the sale at $2,060. Offered by NM & SJ Cosier, Wellington NSW, the 4-5 year old cows had 25 calves by Angus bulls at foot.

Other AuctionsPlus results:

–  102 weaned Angus steers, 309kg, 10-11 months, Glen Falloch Angus, Warrenbayne VIC, made 376c/kg or $1,160
–  39 backgrounder Angus cross steers, 274kg, 11-12 months, Strathmoore Farming Co Pty Ltd, Toobeah QLD, made 352c/kg or $965
–  54 yearling Angus & Angus cross Angus cross steers, 400kg, 14-15 months, Kapsch Farms, Weetaliba NSW, made 338c/kg or $1,350
–  16 PTIC Angus heifers, 19-20 months, GE & AM Hill, Euroa VIC, made $1,690
–  43 first calf Angus heifers and calves, 18-20 months, TDP AG P/L, made $1,850
–  30 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, 36-38 months, Dooer Downs P/Co, Brit Brit VIC, made $1,950

28 PTIC Angus heifers made $1,810

25 Angus cross cows and calves made $2,060

62 yearling Angus & Angus cross steers made 342c/kg

Pictured top: Steers made a top of 382c/kg in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale, for 47 feeder Angus steers. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus.