Eating Quality with Angus in Adelaide

September 10, 2019 4:43 pm

The Royal Adelaide led steer and carcase competition stamped Angus quality, with the Reserve Champion Export Carcase awarded to an Angus steer exhibited by Gladstone High School.

The steer weighed in at 710kg liveweight with 397.4kg carcase weight, with dressing percentage of 55.97pc.  The carcase had P8 and rib fat 15mm and 7mm, an eye muscle area of 108 square centimetres and a pH of 5.49.   The steer accumulated 91.77 total points.

Led Championship Awards:


Teys Australia Naracoorte Prize for Reserve Champion Export Carcase:

Reserve Champion Export Carcase – Angus steer, Gladstone High School

MLA Prize for Best Heavy Domestic Eating Quality Carcase

3rd:  Angus steer, HB Rural

MLA Prize for Best Light Domestic Eating Quality Carcase

1st: Angus steer, Scotch College

MLA Prize for Best Export Quality Carcase

3rd: Angus steer, Meningie Area School

 Class 1 – Purebred Light Domestic 200kg to 250kg:

3rd: Angus steer, Martindale Holdings

Class 6 – School Export 300.1+kg,

1st: Angus steer, Gladstone High School, Angus

School Special Awards:

Best Angus School Steer on Hoof:

1st: Angus steer, Central Yorke School

School Special Carcase Awards

Best Black Angus Carcase:

1st: Angus steer, Gladstone High School