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Collecting and Submitting Samples for DNA

Genomic testing is a valuable tool available to Angus Australia members for the testing of registered Angus animals. The technology has a range of application from confirming important parentage or genetic conditions through to enhancing Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). The technology which looks at the genes carried by the animal relies on the collection of a DNA sample. Angus Australia supports members in access DNA services under the DNA test member agreement.

Angus Australia currently accepts the following sample types;


There are a number of other types of DNA samples that can be collected from animals, such as blood tubes, blood cards and nasal swabs. These sample types are not currently accepted by Angus Australia and should not be used.


Ordering DNA Services (For image) 

To view the current fees for DNA services CLICK HERE

Understanding what happens at the lab (For image)

Angus Australia in partnership with Zoetis Animal Genetics and Neogen Australasia provide members with a number of genomic testing options. Members will need to select one of the two high quality labs to perform their genomic testing.