Angus Australia


Transporting a Semen Sample


Angus Australia accepts semen straws for DNA testing in situations where no other type of DNA sample is available. Semen samples are commonly used when DNA testing AI sires, imported sires, or old sires. Angus Australia will only expect unused straws.

When submitting semen samples, it is best to remove the straw from the liquid nitrogen and allow it to gently thaw in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Do not store straws at room temperature for long periods of time before submitting the sample as it may mould.

When submitting semen samples for DNA testing it is important to remember that the straw if exposed to direct sunlight will denature the DNA resulting in the sample being unusable for DNA testing.

A surcharge may apply when submitting semen samples for DNA testing, refer to the current fees for DNA services for further details.

As with  TSUs and tissue, it is not possible to store the surplus semen sample for future DNA testing of the animal, and so DNA needs to be extracted and stored at the laboratory.


Transporting Semen Straws

It is essential that semen straws are protected prior to sending to Angus Australia. Semen straws are damaged easily and to avoid this it is recommended that protection is provided to the straw.

Option 1 –

Take two pieces of cardboard and make a groove for the straw to sit in. Label and tape the cardboard together with the straw held within the groove.


Option 2 –

Remove the ink from a pen and place the straw within the barrel of the pen, before returning the cap. Attach a label to the pen with the details of the straw.


The straw can then be placed with either the cardboard into an appropriate postage bag for posting. It is valuable to write “do not bend” on postage bag to prevent any avoidable damage.

If the sample is being sent international to Angus Australia please ensure all quarantine requirements are met.