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Getting your results

The genomic testing pipeline is currently optimised to ensure members are provided with the quickest turn around from sample collection to results. The pipeline does however have a number of process which cannot be reduced due to the limitations of the technology and opportunistic situations which can mean results are returned sooner. The best example of this is the inclusion of the results in the BREEDPLAN run, if the results are returned the day the data is extracted for the BREEDPLAN run

then the results will be included for the run, if they come the next morning they will need to wait an addition 2 weeks for the next BREEDPLAN run.

The system is currently optimised and therefore Angus Australia cannot fast track samples or provide an express service. For this reason it is critical members plan ahead when implementing any genomic testing, if they have deadlines such as bulls sales.


Samples collected and the DNA request for completed before being sent to Angus Australia


Samples received by Angus Australia


Angus Australia quality control checks to ensure samples listed on DNA request form are present and the animals are registered which will enable their results to be included in the BREEDPLAN analysis


Samples are grouped with other samples going to the same lab and sent overnight to the lab.


Samples received by the lab


DNA extraction and testing commences


Samples which failed testing are retested with the same sample


Results are sent to Angus Australia


Data uploaded for inclusion in the next BREEDPLAN run, which occurs every 2 weeks


Confirmation email sent to the member to notify them of the results ready for inclusion


EBVs including genomic information reported on Angus Australia.


Individual animals will have ‘Genomics’ included in their traits observed located at the bottom of their EBV table

Don’t worry about these buttons, just fillers 


Transport to Lab

At lab