Angus Australia



This project has revealed that there is a significant amount of genetic variation between animals within the Angus population and this variation presents a considerable opportunity to improve the productivity of Angus beef enterprises by utilising better genetics.

To capitalise on the genetic variation that exists, Angus producers should establish a clearly defined breeding objective and use animals in their breeding program that carry genetics which are aligned with this breeding objective.

Angus BREEDPLAN EBVs and selection indexes should be utilised to evaluate the genetics of each animal available for selection, while also considering other important selection criteria such as genetic condition status, breeding soundness, health status and the temperament of each animal.

For optimal results, it is important that selection decisions are not distracted by aesthetic features or the influence of non-genetic factors on the appearance and performance of animals.

Making considered selection decisions using all the information available on each animal offers the potential to best utilise the considerable genetic differences that exist between Angus animals and to maximise the genetic improvement that is achieved with an Angus beef breeding program.