Angus Australia


Project Background

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program is an initiative of Angus Australia that aims to:

a) generate progeny test data on modern Angus bulls, particularly for hard to measure traits such as feed efficiency, abattoir carcase measurements, meat quality attributes and female reproduction;

b) generates data for the validation and refinement of Angus BREEDPLAN; and

c) build a comprehensive phenotype and genotype database on Australian Angus animals for genomic technology validation, research and development.

Within each cohort of the ASBP, on average, 40 sires are joined each year to approximately 2000 Angus cows to produce 25 progeny (50:50 steers and heifers) per sire using fixed time AI. In this program, the progeny of each sire are comprehensively performance recorded across a range of traits relating to fertility, weight, feed efficiency and carcase merit.