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Artificial Insemination (AI)

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Why use AI
The process of artificial insemination (AI) is where the semen that has been previously collected from the male of choice is deposited into the uterus of the female near the time of ovulation. The practice of AI has been used in livestock for decades, forming routine practice of many livestock breeding enterprises. Traditionally AI has been used in operations where the aim is for producing breeding stock such as studs. With advances in synchronisation protocols and genetic technologies, the practice of AI is becoming more common in commercial livestock enterprises.

The most common reason a breeder uses AI, is to cost effectively access elite or unique genetics from sires that are not available on farm. With the use of synchronisation protocols females can have their ovulation synchronised to occur at a pre-determined time. Not only does this improve the feasibility of implementing AI on farm, but can also provide sundry management benefits ensuring your calving or lambing will occur over a shortened pre-determined time.

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