Angus Australia


Bringing a New Bull Home

Buying a bull is a long-term investment in the future genetics and sale income of your herd. To get the most from your new bull, it pays to look after him well, especially in the first season of use and ensure that he is settled in properly.

Bulls can become upset and excited in the sale and delivery process. They are subjected to strange yards, different noises, loss of their mates, different people and handling methods, new paddocks and different water and feed. When the bull arrives home:[8]

  • unload him at the yards into a group of house cows, steers or herd cows
  • never jump the bull from the back of a truck into a paddock
  • bulls from different origins should be placed into separate yards with other cattle, steers or cows for company
  • provide with hay and water, then leave the bull alone until the next day before giving routine health treatments

Below are some factors to consider before bringing your new bull home.[13]

  • Insurance
  • Carrier instructions
  • Health policy
  • Yard and paddock facilities for bulls
  • Annual health treatments, such as vaccinations and testing
  • Joining management
  • Regular testing
  • Buy bulls that suit your need
  • Protect your investment


To provide time for bulls to overcome the stresses of the sale, being moved to a new location and adjust to their new environment, aim to get the bull home at least 1–2 months before the start of the breeding season.[13]