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Is BREEDPLAN right for you?

BREEDPLAN recording represents a significant commitment to the recording of performance information within your herd. This significant commitment is not however without benefits to the breeding program as EBVs are a valuable breeding and marketing tool.

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Breeding Values as a Selection Tool 

Making accurate selection decisions relies on having the correct information. The ability to make selection decisions and assess the herds genetic gain without the influence of non-genetic factors (feeding, season, etc.) is the most powerful tool available to cattle breeders.

Angus BREEDPLAN generates EBVs on 25 traits supported by 4 selection indexes which enables animals from different herd and farming systems to be compared objectively. Theses EBVs cover economically significant traits to a beef production system and enable breeders to identify the traits most significant to their business.


Breeding values as a Marketing tool  

The importance of data in demonstrating the value of a product to a client is vital as buyers want to know what they are buying and how it will perform. Understanding how the animal will perform is critical regardless of whether the animal is for breeding, feedlotting or process as more and more, we see premiums being paid for cattle which can demonstrate the extra value they add.

The risk of not contributing BREEDPLAN data  

BREEDPLAN develops EBVs based of the performance data and the relationships it can develop between animals within the reference population. The reference population contains all the animals that have contributed data into the BREEDPLAN analysis.  The accuracy of the EBV is affected by the number and diversity of relationships the analysis can identify and therefore failure to contribute data can mean EBVs developed for your animals can be less representative.

This is most often associated with the use of overseas sires which have a low representations within the Australian Angus population. Once more animals enter the reference population, by contributing data the accuracy of the EBV for the animals will increase.