Angus Australia


Angus SaleSELECT

The Angus SaleSELECT tool enables Angus breeders to search and sort the registered Angus animals that are currently available for sale and identify those animals that are most aligned with their breeding goals and objectives.

This modern, intuitive interface makes it easier for breeders to search, sort and compare animals, to pinpoint the exact genetics that are of interest to their enterprise.

This module will step through each of the functions available in Angus SaleSELECT, including:

  • Accessing the Angus SaleSELECT tool
  • Entering selection critieria
  • Viewing and understanding search results
  • Customising your display
  • Printing ┬ásearch results

These topics are each outlined in the resources shown below.You can read the brochure, watch the overview summary, or watch the animated feature summary. Just click on the tile that aligns with your learning preference.

To explore the topics in depth, just work your way through the module topics on the following pages. Each topic will include a short instructional video, so you can see how to perform each of the functions.

At the end of the module, you will have an opportunity to send feedback and ask any questions that reading the materials might have raised.