Angus Australia


Accessing Database Search

To access theĀ Angus Database, head to

and scroll to the page to Angus Database Search.

The database can be searched by Guest users or Registered users.

Guests can only search for ONE animal at a time, either by entering an animal’s name or its ID, whereas registered users have much greater power and flexibility to both search the database and sort the results, so we encourage you to sign up to access this full functionality.

Signing up is easy and anyone can join. If you are a member of Angus Australia and already have an account to access our online database (Internet Solutions) you should already have an account set up. and your User ID will be your 3 letter herd ID.

Non Angus Australia members or first time users of the system can begin by creating a new user ID using either their mobile phone number or email address, and entering a password. Once you’ve worked out which scenario applies to you, click on the relevant help in the sidebar menu for detailed instructions on how to proceed.