Angus Australia


Using Database Search as a Guest


For Simple  Search, enter either the complete Animal Name or its ID. Guests can only conduct Simple Database Searches.

Animal IDs are generally stored in the format HHHYDDDD where

  • HHH = herd letters (usually 3 letters of the alphabet)
  • Y = year letter (a single alpha character eg. M is used for 2016)
  • DDDD = drop number (digits that give the animal its unique number within that year drop)

For example, animal MSOK123 is an animal from herd MSO, born in the year K (2014) and numbered 123.

Note that while this is the usual style of Animal IDs in the database, some animals, for example imported animals, will have IDs of a different style. Users must enter the ID of the animal EXACTLY as it appears on the database, or the search will not return a result.

In the same manner, when searching for an animal by name, a user must enter the full name EXACTLY as it appears on the animal’s registration.  If an animal has suffixes such as (AI) or (ET), these are not part of the name, however for imported animals, the country of import does form part of the animal’s name. So for example, a search for MR REGENCY will not return any results, but a search for MR REGENCY (IMP CAN) will.

Once the Animal Name or Animal ID is entered,  click on the Search button.

Note that only registered users can search for an animal via a partial name or with wildcard characters.