Angus Australia


Understanding the Search Results

Once signed in to Angus Database Search, you can quickly find an animal or list of animals by using one of the saved searches.

The system will return animals in a tabular format, with a range of basic details shown for each animal, such as, sire, dam, date of birth, selection indexes and list of EBVs. To see the complete list of EBVs, you may have to scroll the screen to the right, as there are so many of them.

To go into the details of one particular animal, click anywhere on that animal’s row, and the screen will expand to show further details on that animal through a series of tabs, such as:

  • Ownership
  • Pedigree details
  • Progeny
  • EBVs
  • EBV chart
  • Genetic Results
  • Photos and Videos

To collapse these details, click on the little down arrow to the left of the animal’s ID.

By default, the system will display 20 animals per page. If you wish to display more animals, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the button to display up to 200 results per page.

Back at the top of the screen, you will notice 3 checkboxes. By default, Show EBV Accuracies will be turned on. You can hide accuracies by unticking this box.

EBV Percentiles and Progeny Trait Counts can also be toggled on or off in this fashion. You can choose to view one, a combination of two or even all three of these extra details.