Angus Australia


What do you need to do before starting to look at bulls?

Here are a few simple steps to help find the right bulls for your clients this season:

  1. Define the target market e.g., Feeder Cattle, Grass Finished domestic cattle, Grain finished export cattle
  2. Review the available selection indexes and identify which one most closely aligns with your client’s production system
  3. Define the breeding objective (3 – 5 traits of most importance)
    1. Do you need to target certain traits to comply to the target market?
    2. Which traits have the highest priority?

  1. Review the breeding objective and goals each generation (Calf Crop) and measure the change in production. You may find goals that have been focused on for a while will start to be met and then new targets and EBVs can be used as the focus evolves.

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