April 11, 2019 2:18 pm

Nominations for election as a Director of The Angus Society of Australia Ltd closed on the 4th April 2019.

Since two nominations were received for the single vacant National elected Director positions, a ballot is required for this position.

As only single nominees were received for the State elected Director positions for Queensland, Victoria and South Australia no ballot is required for these positions.

­­­­­­­­­­­­All financial Full and Honorary Life Members have been invited to participate in the ballot for the 2 National elected Director positions.

An electronic ballot is being independently conducted by ElectionBuddy.com. The electronic ballot has been sent via email and by SMS to eligible Member contact details registered with Angus Australia.  Members with neither an email address or mobile phone number (for SMS) recorded for their membership on the Angus Australia database have been sent a postal ballot paper.  The ballot will close at 5:00pm on the 9th May 2019.

The results of the ballot will be scrutinised by the company auditors and posted on the Angus Australia website as soon as possible after the close of the ballot.

Newly elected Directors will commence their term at the conclusion of the AGM on the 24th May, 2019.


Peter Parnell

CEO and Company Secretary

11th April 2019


Laurence Denholm

Nominee’s qualifications and relevant experience:

  • Cattle producer since 1986, family run farm
  • BVSc(Hons) DipAgSc PhD -veterinary research scientist
  • LLB{Hons) GradDiplegPrac -admitted to practise law in NSW Supreme Court
  • GAICD -Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors {Company Directors Course)
  • https://au.linkedin.com/in/dr-laurence-denholm-79217129

Nominee’s contribution to breed and/or Angus Society of Australia:

  • Board Director of Angus Australia since 2016;
  • Chair, Strategy and Risk Committee;
  • Member, Breed Development and Extension, Audit and Finance, Strategic Projects and Organisational Review Committees
  • Current Angus Australia representative on the Executive of Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association
  • Member of the Angus Australia NSW State Committee since 2008
  • Platinum level sponsor for 2019 Angus Centenary Royal Easter Show

Key issues the nominee sees facing the Angus Society of Australia:

  • Maintaining members’ access to Angus Group Breed plan.
  • Controlling the costs for performance recording and registering Angus cattle.
  • Ensuring the efficiency of member services.
  • Improving the corporate focus on growing members’ businesses.
  • Providing member opportunities for improving knowledge, skills and marketing.
  • Efficient management of the business of Angus Australia


Henry Ramage

Hi, my name is Henry Ramage. I have been a member of Angus Australia for 18 years.

I am standing as a national director as I believe I can contribute to the Angus Society & their members.

I have been associated with breeding either sheep or cattle all my life.

Was a jackaroo at “Egelabra” Warren , managed “Carwell” & “Ringorah” near Coonamble.

Since at Narooma & Bundanoon have been breeding stud Angus cattle.

Most of my breeding has centred on importing embryos from Canada.

I have been a member of NSW Angus committee for 13 years.

My contribution to the breed is the understanding of the use within the Angus Society of DNA & my interest in the work of developing the information by various divisions. I would hope to have more communication with the members.

Key Issues

Cost – it seems that the Angus Society is forever adding staff & changes to charges ie. DNA hair collector kits.

Would like to see Angus Australia take more interest in helping with drought facilities.                                                                                                     How we are going to protect ourselves & the community re invasion by the “militant vegans”?                                                                                       I have friends whose property recently was entered by a person on a motorbike who photographed his property. This is now on the Vegan list.

What about Bio Security?

Whilst the Angus Society has many strings to their bow, costs are a huge impact on our business. Thus, I wish to see the costs & staff numbers reined in.

This is the first year of me not showing cattle at the RAS after many successful years.

I will be available to all members to help with the Australian Angus Society.

Thank you for voting for me.