Enhancements to Angus TACE December 2015

January 6, 2016 12:37 pm

Angus Australia wishes to advise members that a number of enhancements have been implemented in the December 2015 Angus TACE analysis.

These enhancements are part of the ongoing maintenance and improvement to the Angus TACE genetic evaluation. In most cases, the enhancements are not expected to have any significant effect on the EBV ranking of animals.

The enhancements include:

• Revisions to the calculation of Docility EBVs
• Inclusion of re-estimated parameters for incorporation of GeneSeek genomic predictions
• Inclusion of additional genomic information
• Revisions to the minimum EBV accuracy reportability thresholds
• Availability of EBV standard error graphs
• Availability of an updated EBV standard error table
• Availability of updated Trial Structural Soundness EBVs
• Inclusion of updated EPD information for overseas animals
• New protocols for the inclusion of abattoir carcase information
• New protocols for the inclusion of birth weight information
• Increase in the maximum number of search results displayed on EBV search facility

Further information regarding the enhancements to Angus TACE is available from the Angus Australia website CLICK HERE.

Please contact Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager on (02) 6773 4618 or andrew@angusaustralia.com.au should you have any queries.