Election Statement: Erica Halliday


Nominee’s Qualifications and relevant experience;

  • Co-owner Ben Nevis Angus (established 1947)
  • Facilitator and Business Coach – Resource Consulting Services
  • Bachelor Agricultural Economics
  • Winner Illinois Judging Scholarship- studied marketing
  • Chairman NSW State Committee
  • Steering Committee Australian Beef Association
  • Project Officer and Youth Facilitator Angus Australia

Nominee’s Contribution to the breed and /or the Angus Society of Australia

In 2012 my husband and I combined our 800 Angus commercial herd on leased country with my families Ben Nevis Angus Stud.  Since then, Stu and I have pioneered the education and use of yearling bulls in Australia.  We currently have yearling bulls working from North Australia to Alice Springs and Oodnadatta, as well as studs across Australia and New Zealand.  My children are fifth generation at Ben Nevis.

Working as Project Officer and Youth Facilitator for Angus Australia and Don Nicol in my 20’s I gained a valuable understanding of our breed and its members.  I worked in the development of branded beef products like AMG Gold as well as the development $ Indexes. Later I was honoured to be included as a breed representative to provide direction in the development and implementation of what we now know as Genomics.

The key Issues the Nominee see’s facing Angus Australia 

We urgently need to progress TACE and Genomics to better identify animals with unique pedigree’s that produce premium quality beef to maintain our genetic diversity.

We also need to further revolutionise and define our brand to make Angus the preferred product in high quality markets both domestically and overseas.  This means better differentiating ourselves from Wagyu for the pure Angus brands,and stamping the role we play in complementary Angus/Wagyu products.

We need to maintain the good work we have done in Angus Youth.