First Angus Verified Steers Hit the Market

April 21, 2021 2:08 pm

Last week Angus Australia made a trip out to Woko Station, Macka’s Pastoral, Gloucester, reviewing, drafting, and tagging the first Angus Verified steers from the recently launched Angus Verified program.

The top 84 of the Macka’s Pastoral 2020 drop weaner steers were drafted out for the Gloucester Weaner Sale, on Thursday April 15th. This was a multi agent sale with a strong yarding of approximately 1,500 head with good lines of Angus cattle on offer.

This run of 84 represented the first Angus Verified steers hitting the marketplace since the launch of the program only one month ago. These steers where put up for auction by Bowe & Lidbury Agents at Gloucester.

The sale was well supported by local commercial producers as well as Angus seedstock members. The laneways were teeming with producers, agents and buyers congregating around the Angus Verified steers to see how they fared in their first run on the market.

A number of representatives from Meat & Livestock Australia and the high-end restaurant food sector in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne were also in attendance and taking a positive interest in the Angus Verified program.

The results for the Angus Verified steers were:

22 head, avg weight 365kg – $1,950/head or $5.34/kg

22 head, avg weight 340kg – $1,900/head or $5.59/kg

40 head, avg weight 329kg – $1,750 or $5.32/kg

Competition for these Angus Verified steers was strong with heavy bidding from backgrounders and lot feeders.

Half of the steers offed were secured by Chris Paterson from Chris Paterson Stock & Station Agency as trade steers for a grass fed, antibiotic free program, with the remaining steers heading to a background operation and then on to Killara Feedlot for a 150 day grainfed program.

Along with Robert Mackenzie, Macka’s Pastoral, Angus Australia was delighted with the results for these Angus Verified steers, securing the top price of the sale of $1,950 a head for 365kg, which was a whopping $150 more than the second highest price paid for weaners at the sale.

Macka’s Pastoral has been a strong supporter throughout the development and launch of Angus Verified and couldn’t wait to get their cattle into the program and promote their Angus Verified cattle for sale.

Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson, said, “I was extremely pleased to see such strong interest displayed by producers and buyers for the Angus Verified steers and program with plenty of people asking lots of questions and citing their interest to join Angus Verified, and with a premium of $150/head over the next best priced weaner, why wouldn’t you”.

Macka’s Pastoral also put together a run of 402 Angus Verified steers on AuctionsPlus, the following Friday, 16th April. The steers were also the first Angus Verified cattle offered on AuctionsPlus with extremely positive results, with the bulk of these cattle going to Killara Feedlot and the remaining to backgrounding operations at Gloucester and Armidale:

The results for the Angus Verified steers on AuctionsPlus were:

265 head, avg weight 320kg – $1,755/head or $5.48/kg

71 head, avg weight 252kg – $1,600/head or $6.35/kg

66 head, avg weight 309kg – $1,700 or $5.50/kg

If you’d like to know more about Angus Verified and how to secure these kinds of premiums for your cattle, contact Liz Pearson at Angus Australia or check out the Angus Verified section on the Angus Australia website.

Feature Image: ‘First Angus Verified steers sold top the market at $1,950/head for 356 kg avg. L – R Rodney McDonald – Bowe & Lidbury Agents, Liz Pearson – Angus Australia, Alexandra Lynch, Jack Mackenzie and Robert Mackenzie – Macka’s Pastoral, Chris Paterson – Chris Paterson Stock & Station Agencies’.