Future of AngusPure™ brand secure with Thomas Foods International

September 18, 2017 8:00 am

Dr Peter Parnell, CEO of Angus Australia and Certified Angus Group Pty Ltd (CAG), announced today that the ownership of the AngusPure™ brand has been transferred to Thomas Foods International Pty Ltd (TFI).

Jointly developed by CAG and TFI over the past decade, the AngusPure™ brand has become one of the most renowned and successful premium grass fed beef brands in the Australian food industry.

In making the announcement, Dr Parnell stated that the decision by the CAG Board to transfer ownership to TFI was to ensure the future of the brand with a processor that was committed to its long-term success.

Dr Parnell noted that “a key reason for the success of AngusPure™ on both domestic and export markets has been its reputation in consistently delivering the highest eating quality whilst preserving the valued characteristics of being a 100% pasture fed, HGP free, antibiotic free product”.

“Angus Australia will maintain strong links with AngusPure™ and will continue to conduct independent Angus breed verification of the brand”.

“An important consideration in transferring the ownership of the AngusPure™ brand to TFI was that it enables Angus Australia to focus on providing truly independent third-party verification of the brand’s credentials without the encumbrance of also being an owner of the brand” said Dr Parnell.

For further information contact: Dr Peter Parnell, CEO, CAG Pty Ltd on 02 6773 4600;
or Ben Michalk, Beef Sales Manager, Thomas Foods International Pty Ltd on 0881 655 100.