GenAngus a resounding success

February 27, 2019 12:44 pm

The inaugural GenAngus Future Leaders Program, proudly supported by Achmea Australia was run in Sydney last week, with 11 young beef industry enthusiasts in attendance.

The workshop focused on the theme of ‘building your beef business’, with the participants involved in presentations that were designed to challenge their business perceptions and inspire them to put into practice the outcomes from the event.

The opportunity to participate in the inaugural event was extended to:

Ruby Canning –  Mortlake, VIC
James Campkin-Smith – Pound Creek, VIC
Monique Estrada – Merriwa, NSW
Eliza Borchardt – Tara, QLD
Aimee Bolton – Congupna, VIC
Mostyn Golding – Dardanup, WA
Joshua Clift – Scone, NSW
Samuel Hunter – Yass, NSW
Ashley Coleman – Inverell, NSW
Katherine McCallum – Balfour, New Zealand
Kristen Fredricksen –  Cowra, NSW

Presentations were made by:

  • Julian Prosser – Slight Edge Consulting, focused on building communication and mindset capabilities, with the key take away for participants to become aware of how they communicate, and the need for resilience, confidence and discipline.
  • Allan Deacon – Achmea Australia, focusing on what are risks, identifying risk and what people are liable for and how to protect ourselves from financial hardship when faced with a claim.
  • John Francis – Holmes and Sackett, gave two presentations. One focused on beef benchmarking, bringing analysis of performance and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business and finance fundamentals, which looked at a number of financial reports, how they are read and the importance of being able to understand how to read the reports.
  • Diana Wood – Angus Australia, spoke about branding and communications and highlighted the importance of developing consistent professional branding for a business to be easily recognisable, as well as the importance of having a formal communications plan in place to tell your story.
  • Alastair Rayner – Rayner Ag, presented on finding your place in the market and the need to match your production with your land type, by identifying your land strengths and weaknesses, using data to drive innovation and setting long term goals in your business.
  • Isobel Knight, Steve Mirtschin and Jess Cavanagh – Proagtive, did a session on succession planning, which was targeted at making plans for keeping rural properties and rural business in families and in the hands of Australians as well as the need for effective communication between family and business partners to ensure the future of the farming business.
  • A number of team building activities were also included at the end of each day designed to build on team spirit, utilise individual strengths within the team and inspire creative problem solving.

Over the next 12 months the participants will continue to be mentored by the presenters and will be required to complete follow up activities and be involved in group discussions where they will continue to develop their ideas.

A full report will be included in the upcoming Angus Australia Autumn Bulletin.


Top Image: Left to Right – Alan Deacon Achmea Australia, Ruby Canning, Kristen Fredricksen, Aimee Bolton, Sam Hunter, Monique Estrada, Mostyn Golding, Katherine McCallum, James Campkin-Smith, Ashley Coleman, Eliza Borchardt, Matthew Reynolds Angus Australia, Candice Liddle Angus Australia, Joshua Clift.