Genetics Conference Showcases Angus Australia Research and Development

November 4, 2019 2:50 pm

The Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics conference (AAABG) was recently conducted in Armidale, from October 27 to November 1.  

AAABG is a professional organisation based in Australia and New Zealand for livestock scientists, breeders, educators, students and industry service providers. The major activity conducted by AAABG to achieve its objectives is an international conference held every two years.   

The conference provided an opportunity for researchers to showcase the latest livestock genetics research being conducted, with presentations detailing research in the beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goat, pig, poultry, camel, ostrich, prawn, oyster and deer industries.  

Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, Andrew Byrne, explained that “the conference showcased much of the research and development that Angus Australia is involved with in order to achieve its objective of continually improving the profitability of Angus genetics across the beef supply chain.”     

 Angus Australia’s collaboration with other research organisations was particularly evident throughout the conference”, said Mr Byrne.  

Angus Australia members can view the research papers that were either submitted by Angus Australia staff, co-authored by Angus Australia staff, or based on data supplied by Angus Australia, by clicking on the title of each respective paper below.      


Papers submitted by Angus Australia staff, or co-authored by Angus Australia staff

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program – a major contributor to future genetic improvement in the Australian beef industry – Parnell et al (Angus Australia) 
Bull discovery powered by genomics – a practical case study – Reynolds et al (Angus Australia) 
AngusSELECT™ – Reynolds et al (Angus Australia) 
Genetic diversity in Australian Angus beef cattle – Clark et al (UNE) 
Should Angus breeders live-animal ultrasound scan for intramuscular fat in the genomics era? – Duff et al (UNE) 
Phenotypic variation in retail beef yield in Angus cattle – Donoghue et al (NSW DPI) 
A survey approach to explore industry priorities for novel traits in Australian Angus – Bell et al (CSIRO) 
A method for developing a breeding objective trait from multiple components using the example of immune competence in Australian Angus cattle – Dominik et al (CSIRO) 
Genome-wide association study of carcase and eating quality traits in Australian Angus beef cattle – Weerasinghe et al (ABRI) 


Papers based on data supplied by Angus Australia

The influence feed cost has on changing beef cattle greenhouse gas emissions – Walmsley et al (AGBU) 
Costs of and returns from performance recording in beef and sheep studs – Banks et al (AGBU) 
Validation of Single step genomic best linear unbiased prediction in beef cattle – Jeyaruban et al (AGBU) 
Investigation into the effects of number of SNPs and number of reference individuals on imputation accuracy – Ferdosi et al (AGBU) 
How does maternal weaning weight (milk) affect body condition score at weaning in Angus cattle – Granleese et al (UNE) 
Genome‐wide association studies for body weight and average daily feed intake during the feedlot test period – Torres-Vazquez et al (UNE) 
Benefits of genomic information in the Angus industry – the Rennylea experience – Dominik et al (CSIRO) 

A copy of the full proceedings from the AAABG conference is available by clicking here.