Election Statement: Hamish McFarlane

Hamish McFarlane

Nominee’s qualifications, and relevant experience:

  • Co-principal of Te Mania Angus for the past 20+ years
  • Areas of responsibility include strategic direction, business planning and analysis, recording

with Breedplan, progeny testing and benchmarking, classing cattle, visiting client herds and

managing wholesale semen business.

  • I am involved at both a management, and hands-on level, and work closely with the clients

of Te Mania Angus which includes large commercial herds.

Nominee’s contribution to the breed and/or the Angus Society of Australia

  • As a co-principal of Te Mania Angus, I am involved in all levels of monitoring and improving the genetic performance of our herd, and alliance of commercial herds.
  • Interaction with AGBU and the operation of our own progeny testing program, Team Te Mania.

The key issues the nominee sees facing the Angus Society of Australia:

  • The relevance of the Angus Society to its membership.
  • Improving the understanding and uptake of performance recording
  • Having a fair, equitable and transparent system that values the collection of phenotypic information to ensure validation of the genotypic information.