Internships give insight into beef genetics

November 8, 2017 9:25 am

A partnership between Angus Australia and the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation is set to to give two Charles Sturt University (CSU) students an insight into beef genetics research.

CSU Bachelor of Veterinary Science student Ms Georgia Howell and Bachelor of Agricultural Science student Mr Jack Shultz have been awarded $5 000 internships, co-funded by the organisations.

CSU lecturer in farming systems Mr Michael Campbell said, “This internship program provides an opportunity for the students to gain valuable experience and is an example of the value of partnerships to deliver industry relevant research.”

As part of their student internships, Ms Howell and Mr Shultz will be involved with the Angus Sire Benchmarking Project, which aims to evaluate the current tools used by Angus breeders to select bulls.

Angus Australia marketing and communications manager Mrs Diana Wood said, “A large number of Angus Youth members and children of Angus Australia members both study and have completed studies at Charles Sturt University.

“To be able to offer students the opportunity to gain work experience at Angus Australia is an exciting prospect. The students will gain invaluable insight into the research and development programs Angus Australia is conducting, and how the data from these programs is being utilised within the industry to make improvements to beef production.”

The CSU herd is one of the cooperator herds in the project and the students will help with the artificial insemination (AI) program and in identifying, weighing and recording data when the calves are born.

Originally from Ambrose near Rockhampton in central Queensland, Mr Shultz said the program is an opportunity to further explore his interests in breeding high quality beef.

“The internship program will give me the chance to better understand the theory behind genetics research and the practical experience of seeing how it’s implemented in the field.”

The students will also undertake a short placement at Angus Australia working on projects such as the Angus National Conference and Angus Youth Round-up.

Ms Howell hails from Amphitheatre in central Victoria and said the internship will give her an insight into the work of Angus Australia to promote the breed.

“As a breed society Angus Australia have done a fantastic job promoting and growing their breed within Australia, and I’m interested to learn more about the work that goes on behind the scenes to enable this growth.

“It will also provide an opportunity for me to visualise where the Australian beef industry is headed in terms of genetic assessment, and how the use of genetics can be better implemented by producers,” Ms Howell said.