Lachlan and Rebecca are off to SMARTBEEF

September 11, 2019 4:24 pm

Lachlan Woods and Rebecca George have recently been selected by Angus Youth for the 2019 ALFA SMARTBEEF Conference Scholarships, offered by the Angus Foundation.  The scholarship allows the recipients to attend the SMARTBEEF Conference, taking place in Dalby, QLD October 2-4, 2019.

The aim of the SMARTBEEF Scholarship is to give the recipients an opportunity to increase their knowledge of the Australian feedlotting industry and the beef industry as a whole, whilst networking with industry professionals.  Furthermore, the conference will allow for the recipients to develop their personal skills.

Both Mr Woods and Miss George will take part in the two-day conference, hosted by the Australian Lot Feeders Association, designed to showcase the supply chain and sustainable regional communities.  The event will see a number of guest speakers from across the supply chain deliver interesting and informative presentations of both technologies and on farm practices.


About them:

Lachlan Woods, Estella, NSW, currently studies Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University.

With a background in farming, Mr Woods’ family own and operate an Angus cow herd and Black Suffolk ewe flock near Bylong, NSW, with Mr Woods assisting his father with the management of the commercial breeding herd.

The operations aims to utilise Angus genetics and improved pasture management to drive beef yield per hectare.  Mr Woods has also previously working on remote cattle stations in the northern pastoral sector in Queensland and the Northern Territory.  Through his university, Mr Woods has been involved in the Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition and was selected to represent in the Australian National Meats Team in 2018.

Mr Woods looks forward to the conference, and how this will benefit his passion for a career as a rural veterinarian, having a particular interest in extensive and intensive ruminant production, genetics and meat science.

“I aim to have a career involved in beef cattle production consultancy and have a personal interest in Angus cattle.  I believe that a chance to make further industry connection is a vital step in attaining this desired career,” Mr Woods said.

“Attending this conference will have significant benefits in improving my understanding of feedlot operations and allow me to network with feedlot industry veterinarians and professionals, which will have the significant capacity to develop my knowledge in ruminant health and nutrition and critically benefit my veterinary career.”



Rebecca George hails from Nevertire, NSW, and currently studies a Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business majoring in International Business at the University of New England.

Miss George has been involved in the beef cattle industry since childhood, competing in youth cattle shows and junior judging competitions.  She has also worked internationally for agricultural contractors, as will as domestically in positions as farm hands on her family farm and on an Angus stud.

Through her passion for developing youth in agriculture, Miss George was cattle team captain and agricultural prefect during her time in high school, mentoring younger students and taking on reasonability’s on the school farm.  Since this, Miss George has also been involved in committees for shows and youth shows, and is heavily involved in her family’s commercial Angus herd.

Miss George looks forward to the knowledge building opportunities the conference supplies.

“I believe that feedlotting cattle is essential to maintaining and improving our export market of Australian beef.  By attending the SMARTBEEF Conference I hope to gain an insight into the up and coming technology, management practices and sustainability options in feedlotting industry,” said Miss George.

“This scholarship would provide me with the opportunity to expand my network, gain new insights and skills in the industry and to represent the Angus breed.”

“I hope to be able to take the knowledge, skills and contacts I could gain from the conference with me into my future in agriculture.”

Each recipient will also deliver a full report regarding their time at the conference and their take home in terms of what they have learnt over the course of the two days, which will be made available on the Angus Australia website and in the Summer Bulletin.