Linking to Individual Animals in Angus Database Search

February 27, 2018 11:10 am

Angus Australia members who had links on their websites and in marketing material to individual animal pages in the animal enquiry facility that was previously available via the Angus Australia website are advised that similar functionality now exists in the Angus Database Search.

To access the direct link for an individual animal, complete the following steps:

Step 1.   Sign in to the Angus Database Search as a registered user

Step 2.   Enter the Angus Australia ID or name of the animal of interest

Step 3.   From within the results screen, scroll the RH side and click the task symbol (i.e. lightning bolt).

Note: click the task symbol that corresponds to the row of the individual animal rather than the task symbol in the results table header.

When you click the task symbol, two options will appear. Select “Copy Single Animal URL for this Animal”.



Step 4.   A screen should then pop-up with a link to the individual animal page. Click on the “Copy to Clipboard”


Step 5.  Paste the link into the relevant spot within your within your website or marketing material.


It is likely that existing links to the animal enquiry facility will cease to work over coming months, and so Angus Australia would encourage members to update all links as a matter or priority.