Advertising Terms & Conditions

  • Advertisers must be a member of Angus Australia or in partnership with Angus Australia.
  • All advertisements are accepted for publication subject to the approval of Angus Australia. Angus Australia reserves its rights at all times to refuse or postpone the publication of advertisements in whole or in part. Every reasonable effort will be made to publish advertisements as ordered and directed by the advertiser, however no liability can and will be accepted for the misplacement, amendment, omission or failure to publish in the form or format ordered by the advertiser.
  • Angus Australia reserves all rights to classify an advertisement, edit or delete any content considered objectionable or reject advertising content which in Angus Australia’s reasonable opinion may be considered unsuitable for publication.
  • If any material, statement, information or matter contained in any advertisement submitted and published is in breach, whether directly or indirectly of any law, and Angus Australia suffers any loss or damage or penalty by reason of or arising from the publication of such advertisement, then the advertiser and/ or the advertiser’s agent shall indemnify Angus Australia against the amount of any such loss, damage or penalty and shall pay the amount thereof as directed by Angus Australia. The acceptance and publication of the advertisement Angus Australia shall be deemed to be the consideration for the granting of such indemnity, without the necessity for execution of any other document by the advertiser granting such indemnity.
  • The advertiser must pay the full price for every advertisement published by Angus Australia notwithstanding: (i) any error or alteration in the advertisement; (ii) the position of the advertisement; and/or (iii) any variation of the size of the advertisement.
  • Angus Australia reserves the right to alter the advertising rates at any time or to impose any other fees for the display or classification of any advertising of the advertiser.
  • As per Angus Australia policy, cattle breeds other than the Angus or Angus influenced cattle (whether in text, photo or video) can not appear in Angus Australia publications, on the Angus Australia web site or Angus Australia social media channels