Angus ear tags

Progeny of registered Angus bulls are worth more money because they carry well documented, predictable Angus genetics.

An increasing number of backgrounders, feedlotters, finishers and processors are demanding real Angus genetics and are prepared to pay substantial premiums.  This is because their clients both in Australia and overseas specify Angus.  But they want real Angus, not Angus look-a-likes.

Angus Australia has responded to the demand by establishing a tagging system to enable commercial breeders to clearly identify progeny carrying real Angus genetics, and to assist buyers to identify these cattle.

Yellow ASSURED ANGUS tags identify commercial straightbred Angus steers and females as being:

By registered Angus sires.

From pure bred Angus females.Bred by members of Angus Australia.

yellow tagRGB
Blue ANGUS SIRED  tags identify commercial crossbred Angus steersand females as being:


By registered Angus sires.

From Angus infused or non-Angus females.

Bred by members of Angus Australia

Blue tagRGB

When the buyers see cattle carrying the Angus Australia tags each with a unique identification number, they can buy and sell these cattle with confidence knowing there is a high probability the cattle will perform as real Angus should.

Buyers will be able to go to the Angus Australia website, punch in the unique number of the tag, and the website will give the details of the tagged animal and its breeder.

Angus Australia tags are available only to members of Angus Australia (including commercial members) who agree to operate under the code of practice covering the tags.

If you have any questions in regard to the Angus Tags please don’t hesitate

To contact the Office  on 02 6773 4600.

Angus Australia is proud to be using tags manufactured by Allflex Australia Pty Ltd.

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