Marketing Resources

Everybody talks about how as Angus Breeders, having a brand and marketing it are vital to create more awareness for your enterprise, and at Angus Australia we understand it can seem complex or overwhelming, both to the seasoned cattle producer and those that are new to the game.

As a result we are going to run a series of articles and later videos, designed to help bring marketing into focus, and give you tips on how to boost your overall brand presence. The aim of which is to:

  • Show why Angus breeders should market their brand
  • Help you create more awareness for your business
  • Help you market the #AngusPremium

Please see below a list of the articles produced so far:

Practical marketing for the Angus producer
Branding Breakdown
Rebrand VS brand refresh
Welcome to the Web
A guide to design and image file types
Importance of branding consistency
That ‘thing’
Interacting with Social Media

Other Resources:

Marketing and Branding GenAngus presentation – Diana Wood