Sale Catalogue Services

Angus Australia provides a range of catalogue options to suit your individual needs. These catalogues contain the latest registration and performance data downloaded directly from our database.

Details of cattle recorded in any of Angus Australia’s registers, including the Herd Book Register (HBR), Red Angus Register (RAR), Angus Performance Register (APR), Angus Commercial Register (ACR) and Multi-Breed Register (MBR) can be included in sale catalogues, along with each animal’s Angus BREEDPLAN performance data.

Full Catalogue Design

In addition to the usual sale catalogue services, Angus Australia now has the capability to offer the full design of your sale catalogue from cover to cover. We can even organise the printing for you if required. For costs, please contact

Angus Assured Catalogues

Members taking up this catalogue option can prominently display the Angus Australia Angus Assured logo, giving buyers overall confidence in the information provided.

In opting to use an Angus Assured catalogue members must sign an agreement specifying that they agree to the following conditions found on the application form.

Angus Assured catalogues are available in formats below and pricing is also provided.

Angus Assured Catalogue Pricing

Type of catalogue Price (per lot)
Online catalogue with standard printable PDF $6.60
Online catalogue with customised printable PDF * $11.00
Data extract only $4.40
Manual input of sale notes $2.20
Semen catalogues $ 22.00

 *Please note, if you elect to take the customised printable PDF, this catalogue can appear alongside your online catalogue on the Angus Australia website


Please indicate on your Application Form which services you require, the format in which the data is to be supplied (ie. electronic data file, formatted lot details on paper or as an electronic file for a printer), and where you would like the data sent (ie. Printer of your choice/yourself)

Download the preffered formatted Excel spreadsheet to supply your lot details CLICKING HERE.

Email the completed file to

Sale catalogue forms

To download an editable PDF Sale Catalogue request form, please click on one of the links below:

Sale Catalogue Request form

Excel Spreadsheet for Entering Lots

You may also fax or mail this form to the Member Services Team on 02 6772 3095 or Locked Bag 11, ARMIDALE 2350

Please allow a 10 day turnaround time for catalogues from the day received at the office.