MateSel Now Available Free of Charge

July 10, 2019 12:48 pm

Angus Australia is pleased to announce that MateSel is now available to Angus Australia members free of charge when requested from the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI). Previously a fee of $165 per analysis was billed to members utilising this service.

Now that it is free, why not give it a go!

MateSel provides Angus seedstock producers with a guide for objectively optimising mating allocations to reflect their breeding goals and creating long term, sustainable genetic gains.

Through optimising mating allocations, MateSel enables breeders to:

  • Maximise the rate of genetic gain in their herd while managing inbreeding at the same time
  • Save significant time previously spent compiling mating lists.
  • Make informed decisions about semen purchases, which bulls to use, animal selection or culling, mating group formation and mate allocations.
  • Include objectivity and proven science in their mating decisions.
  • Add significant value to their business by way of additional genetic gain and management of inbreeding to offset the cost of pedigree and performance recording.

MateSel is provided to Angus Australia members by staff at the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI), along with a number of private providers.

Members wishing to use the service offered by ABRI need to enter details of their breeding program, along with a list of the sires and dams that are available for mating, into a Microsoft  Excel template. Once the template is completed, it needs to be emailed to, and the analysis will be conducted. Results are provided via the members area of the Angus Australia website.

For further information regarding MateSel, click here.