New Suffixes to appear in Sale Catalogues

January 23, 2019 2:00 pm

Following on with a number of recent changes that have been rolled out to Angus Australia, all Sale Catalogues produced by Angus Australia will now display the parent verification suffix in the name on the sale animals.

As part of Angus Australia’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the integrity of the herdbook is validated, it is now a Angus Australia Regulation (6.41) that the suffix will be displayed in superscript at the end of each animal’s name recorded on the HBR, APR, RAR, ACR and MBR indicating it’s DNA parentage verification status.

Displaying this information now in sale catalogues is critical as the suffix indicating an animals DNA parent verification status is part of the animals name. Members should be consistent in the use of suffixes in any material and correspondence with what is displayed on Angus Australia’s website.


From the 2nd of January, any animal information that has been provided by Angus Australia to members for sale catalogues, will now contain each sale animals suffix information and a key/legend as to what each suffix indicates.  The use of parent verification suffix’s is important as it gives greater transparency as to the parent verification status of all animals for all parties.


As always we are very happy to take calls to clarify this very important change, please contact us if you do have any questions or concerns on 02 6773 4600 or