Scanning the media 2016

December 2016

Yea finishes with good local competition Stock & Land 13/12/16

Heavy steers t $1370 at Carcoar in small yarding The Land 12/12/16

Corryong store cattle sale: Tasmanian buyer swoops The Weekly Times 09/12/16

Naracoorte weaner sale: Heifers in hot demand The Weekly Times 09/12/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 09/12/16

Carcoar store cattle sale: Steers seel from $900 to $1370 The Weekly Times 09/12/16

Wodonga store cattle sale: Small yarding but big bidding The Weekly Times 08/12/16

Weaner calf sales: Strong start to southern offerings at Euroa The Weekly Times 07/12/16

Roma store 6 Dec 2016: Numbers jump 39pc Beef Central 07/12/16

Korumburra farmer:still farming Angus at 90 The Weekly Times 07/12/16

Steers to $4.51/kg in Strathalbyn return Stock Journal 06/12/16

Angus female sale hits $2100 in Naracoorte Stock Journal 03/12/16

November 2016

Yea annual autumn drop weaner sale Stock & Land 28/11/16

Big yarding and big prices at Warrnambool’s November Store Cattle Sale Stock & Land 28/11/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 28/11/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 25/11/16

Roma store 22 Nov 2016: Solid competition continues 23/11/16

Dubbo females peak at $2,300 The Land 21/11/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 21/11/16

Weaner sales underway with cracking pace in SE Stock Journal 21/11/16

Wodonga cows to $2600 The Land 18/11/16

Roma Store Sale 15 Nov: Weaner Steers to 414c/kg Beef Central 16/11/16

Mt Gambier prices ease on lesser feedlot support Stock Journal 14/11/16

Cows hit $3,050 at Goulburn The Land 12/11/16

Angus steers to $1470 at sale Stock & Land 8/11/16

Cows, calves feature at Echuca Stock & Land 8/11/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 7/11/16

Wodonga store cattle sale: Prices solid on recent sales The Weekly Times 3/11/16

Roma store 1 Nov 2016: buyers more selective Beef Central 2/11/16

Maitland breeders hit $2650 The Land 1/11/16

Leongatha firm on steer, heifer prices Stock & Land 1/11/16


October 2016

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 31/10/16

Casterton heifers to $1540 Stock & Land 18/10/16

Breeding units hit $2300 at Tamworth The Land 31/10/16

Yass store cattle sale: Bigger than expected yarding The Weekly Times 28/10/16

Wangaratta store cattle sale: Feed buoys restockers The Weekly Times 28/10/16

Warrnambool store cattle sale: Steers reach 392c/kg The Weekly Times 28/10/16

Off the Rails – Market Highlight Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 28/10/16

Hamilton store cattle sale: Prices to a high of 434c/kg for Angus steers The Weekly Times 27/10/16

SE Angus calves reach $1500 Stock Journal 27/10/16

Roma store 25 Oct 2016: Weaner steers to 436c Beef Central 26/10/16

Breeding units hit $2720 at Mudgee The Land 24/10/16

Dispersal of Angus herd with $3060 top The Land 24/10/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 24/10/16

Ballarat store cattle sale: Big yarding under hammer The Weekly Times 21/10/16

Wodonga store cattle sale: National price record set The Weekly Times 20/10/16

Roma store 18 Oct 2016: Large consignments drawn from NW QLD Beef Central 18/10/16

Quality paying off at Bairnsdale Stock & Land 18/10/16

Kindee makes history with record purchase of heifer line Queensland Country Life 18/10/16

Restockers eager for Leongatha Stock & Land 18/10/16

Strong prices for southern breeder pens Stock & Land 18/10/16

Off the Rails  Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 17/10/16

No shortage of Quality females at Tamworth today  Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 14/10/16

Roma store 11 Oct 2016: Cows and calves to $1820 Beef Central 11/10/16

Females are the Dubbo money makers at $2475 The Land 11/10/16

Warmer weather and recent rainfall reflected in Tamworth market Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 10/10/16

Small pens of cows with first-cross calves attract competition The Weekly Times 07/10/16

Texas Angus shines on in domestic section of the RAS Beef Challenge The Land 03/10/16


September 2016

Quality reverts to days of old Stock & Land 30/09/16

Stockyard grain-fed category takes champion award Queensland Country Life 27/09/16

KO knocks out Angus competition at 2016 Royal Melbourne Show Stock & Land 27/09/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 26/09/16

Angus steers reach 538c/kg at Bairnsdale store sale The Weekly Times 23/09/16

Confidence fuels hot competition at Pakenham store cattle sale The Weekly Times 22/09/16

Roma store 20 Sep 2016: Rain restricts yarding to 617 Beef Central 21/09/16

Wodonga sale of 2000 head sees spikes for light cattle The Weekly Times 20/09/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 19/09/16

Big Wet trims Ballarat supply Queensland Country Life 19/09/16

Competition high at Gippsland sale Stock & Land 18/09/16

Small Sale market packs a punch Stock & Land 18/09/16

Season & Market as good as it gets Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 16/09/16

Yearling Steers to $1500 at Wodonga The Land 15/09/16

Weaner demand strengthens Beef Central 13/09/16

Bull prices average more than $9000 across 1175 bulls The Weekly Times 07/09/16

Cows set new $2850 record at Tamworth The Land 06/09/16

Off the rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 05/09/16

Steers to $1670 twice at Sale store sale Stock & Land 05/09/16

Steers to $1970 at Leongatha sale Stock & Land 05/09/16

Strong start to spring Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 02/09/16

Rare dip in market at Wodonga store cattle sale The Weekly Times 01/09/16


August 2016

Weaners to 456c Beef Central 31/08/16

Beef Price high rolls on Stock & Land 29/08/16

Roma Store 23 Aug 2016: Light steers to 442c/kg Beef Central 24/08/16

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlights Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 22/08/16

Steers sell to $1920 at Leongatha store sale Stock & Land 22/08/16

AuctionPlus sale a success at Sale Stock & Land 20/08/16

Steady as she goes Stock & Land 19/08/16

Banking on organic for premium Angus The Land 18/08/16

Heifers a highlight at Wodonga The Weekly times 18/08/16

Roma store 16 Aug 2016: Oats crop restockers active Beef Central 17/08/16

“Bracket creep” welcome as heavier cattle break through 400c/kg benchmark Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents 15/08/16

Grown and weaner steers sell on par Stock & Land 15/08/16

Small supply, but many buyers at Yea Stock & Land 14/08/16

Science plays a big role for Belgravia Angus breeders The Land 13/08/16

Loyal Blayney Angus producer The Land 10/08/16

Quality cattle aplenty at Bill Wyndham & Co annual spring store sale Weekly Times 9/08/16

Wyndham’s spring sale sets new standard Stock & Land 08/08/16

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlights Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 08/08/16

Angus cows with calves at Wodonga to $2650 The Land 06/08/16

Sun shines on sellers at annual Heyfield spring store cattle sales The Weekly Times 05/08/16

Cattle stay local in dearer market at Colac The Weekly Times 05/08/16

Angus genomics on menu The West Australian 04/08/16

Crowd floored by soaring prices at Wodonga cattle sale The Weekly Times 04/08/16

Steers break 420c/kg across south-west Qld Rural Weekly 03/08/16

Young steers to $1490 at Bega in strong market The Land 3/08/16

Off the Rails Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents 1/08/16

Walcha producer increases conception rates The Land 1/08/16


July 2016

Buyers pack out Pakenham Stock & Land 31/07/16

Roma store sale: Feeder cattle see strong demand Beef Central 27/07/16

Mild climate at King Island a sure winner The Land 25/07/16

Santa/Angus cross cattle do the job perfectly Queensland Country Life 25/07/16

Angus dominates all markets The Land 23/07/16

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlights Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 22/07/16

Direct beef sales to Asia promising Stock & Land 22/07/16

Cattle market at Wodonga surges again Weekly Times 21/07/16

Angus heifers PTIC to $1630 at Goulburn sale The Land 18/07/16

Quality is the main focus for branded beef The Land 18/07/16

Casino breeder chases weaner market The Land 17/07/16

More bang for your Angus The Land 16/07/16

Strong competition at Mt Gambier Stock & Land 13/07/16

Roma Store 12 July 2016: Prices maintain strength Beef Central 12/07/16

Market delivers for local Roma vendors QCL 12/07/16

Numbers were down but prices still strong at Carcoar store sale The Land 12/07/16

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlights Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 11/07/16

Competition strong at Leongatha Stock & Land 11/07/16

Diversifying for market flexibility The Land 10/07/16

Strong demand at Kempsey store sale The Land 8/07/16

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlights Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 8/07/16

Cattle numbers were down by prices improved at Carcoar store sale The Land 8/07/16

Market strong at Wodonga for 2800 cattle The Weekly Times 7/07/16

Angus bull for Bunda ABC Rural 6/07/16

Weaner steers fetch record prices at Roma store cattle sale The Weekly Times 5/07/16

Shaw weaners crack top dollar at Roma QCL 5/07/16

Strong results at Dubbo The Land 4/07/16

Angus Suits sea change The Land 4/07/16

Angus cattle handle the wet at Tooma The Land 3/07/16

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlights Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association 2/07/16

Hardy cross proves perfect The Land 2/07/16


June 2016

Roma store 28 June 2016: Rain, online bidding boosts sale Beef Central 29/06/16

Farming the grass at Bungendore The Land 29/06/16

Temperament is a must at Havilah East The Land 28/06/16

Naracoorte light steers to $4.97/kg Stock Journal 28/06/16

Future proofing Angus beef The Rural 28/06/16

Pouring rain, hail don’t deter buyers at Warrnambool store sale The Weekly Times 24/06/16

Records broken at Dalby cattle sale this week South Burnett Times 22/06/16

Can it get any better than this at Wodonga Stock & Land 22/06/16

Driving profits in beef operations The Rural 20/06/16

Sizzling market for beef as prices spike at southeastern Australia store markets The Weekly Times 15/06/16

Beef battles with perception The Weekly Times 10/06/16

Competition wows the crowd Stock & Land 9/06/16

Steers to $1861 at Braidwood The Land 7/06/16

Dubbo PTIC cows top $1630 The Land 6/06/16

Demand for steers exxcels at Wodonga Stock & Land 2/06/16

Market stronger again as 3300 cattle sold at Wodonga The Weekly Times 2/06/16

Heavy Angus steers top at $1390 at Euroa store sale The Weekly Times 1/06/16

Roma store 31 May 2016: Rain signals trigger new competition Beef Central 1/06/16


May 2016

Prices firm, competition strong at Bairnsdale’s May 2016 store sale Stock & Land 30/05/16

Sellers elated as records keep falling at Warrnambool The Weeekly Times 27/05/16

Locals push strong SA demand at Warrnambool Stock & Land 27/05/16

Steers reach 431c/kg at Victoria’s first online sale, at Myrtleford The weekly Times 27/05/16

Restockers show confidence at Hamilton The Weekly Times 26/05/16

Hunter Valley cows and calves to $2450 twice The Land 26/05/16

High domestic cattle prices is putting export deals under pressure The Weekly Times 26/05/16

Roma heavy feeder steers top 336c/kg Queensland Country Life 25/05/16

58th Annual Autumn Blue Ribbon Sale Braidwood Times 25/05/16

Strong all-over demand for Ballarat Stock & Land 23/05/16

Faces of Angus Conference Stock & Land 23/05/16

Closer connections for farmers and consumers Stock & Land 23/05/16

Reshaped portfolio part of Paraway’s big aims Beef Central  21/05/16

Woolies turns back time in retail beef war Beef Central 21/05/16

Rain lifts bidding and rates at Wodonga The Weekly Times 19/05/16

Rain helps lift prices at massice CTLX store sale The Land 17/05/16

Mt Gambier to Coonamble Stock & Land 16/05/16

Dongog steers to $1500 The Land 11/05/16

Market strong at Laidley Queensland Country Life 10/05/16

Bullocks crack $2030/head at Biggenden Queensland County Life 10/05/16

Roma store market climbs afer rain in south west Queensland Country Life 10/05/16

Recent rainfall takes Inverell steers to $1186 The Land 10/05/16

Weaner steers sell to $1070 at Dubbo store cattle sale The Land 10/05/16

Rain sees prices firm at Wodonga Stock & Land 10/05/16

Market strong a Laidley Queensland Country Life 10/05/16

Bullocks crack $2030/head at Biggenden Queensland Country Life 10/05/16

Roma store market climbs after rain in south west Queensland Country Life 10/05/16

Recent rainfall takes Inverell steers to $1186 The Land 10/05/16

Weaner steers sell to $1070 at Dubbo store cattle sale The Land 10/05/16

Steers to $3.87/kg at Naracoorte Stock Journal 3/05/16

Prices ease at Tenterfield Queensland Counrty Life 3/05/16

Price rise at last Friday’s Kempsey weaner sale as buyers come out of the woodwork The Land 3/05/16

Glenn Innes steers make $1179 The Land 3/05/16

Some surprises at Leongatha Stock & Land 1/05/16


April 2016

Quality yarding at Bairnsdale Stock & Land 29/04/16

Jericho graziers turn off quality lines at Roma Queesnsland Country Life 26/0/4/16

Values for vealers and yearlings remain firm at Moreton Sale Queesnsland Country Life 26/0/4/16

Angus breeders annual sale at Mudgee The Land 26/04/16

Weaner steers at $1055 The Land 26/04/16

Powranna holds steady on greater numbers Stock & Land 25/04/16

Rates ease waiting for rain Stock & Land 25/04/16

Rates ease waiting for rain  Stock & Land 25/04/16

Falls boost confidence at Bairnsdale  Stock & Land 25/04/16

Manjimup beef steers reach top of 354c/kg  Farm Weekly 24/0/416

Roma cows and calves to $1340/unit  Queensland Country Life 18/04/16

Plenty of competition at Leongatha  Stock & Land 18/04/16

Female cattle returned to the paddock   Stock & Land 18/04/16

Prices for steers and heifers remain strong at Ballarat  The Weekly Times 15/04/16

Feeder steers 298c as Silverdale market eases  Queensland Country Life 14/04/16

Market strong despite big lift in numbers at Wodonga sale  The Weekly Times 14/04/16

Quality high at Bairnsdale  Stock & Land  13/04/16

Light Angus steers make to 4/kg at Mt Gambier  Stock Journal 12/04/16

Yearling steers reach 313.2c at Moreton sale  Queensland Counrty Life 12/04/16

Weaners red hot at annual Stanthorpe sale  The Land 07/04/16

Monaro wearners continue to hold the strong prices seen at other weaner sales  Southern Weekly 07/04/16

Glen Innes blue ribon weaners to $1285  The Land 11/04/16


March 2016

Rain lifts spirits for local buyers at Bairnsdale  The Weekly Times 22/03/16

Buying fever continues at Wodonga store sale  The Land 20/03/16

Tasmanian weaner demand remains keen  The Land 21/03/16

Rain solidifies softer Ballarat  The Land 21/03/16

Harold Curry’s Tenterfield weaner steers average $961  The Land 21/03/16

Heifers average about $850 at Yea stroe cattle sale  The Weekly times 11/03/16

Prices hold at Wodonga despite more cattle being offered  The Weekly Times 10/03/16

Dubbo sale 10 Mar 2016: Far western cattle dominate yarding  Beef Central 11/03/16

Roma store 9 Mar 2016: PTIC cows to $1275  Beef Central 09/03/16

Echuca store prices hold firm  Stock & Land 08/03/16

Wagga sale 7 March 2016: Market losses some heat  Beef Central 08/03/16

Prices resist larger yarding  Stock & Land 08/03/16

Powranna sal solid  Stock & Land 07/03/16

Lanways full at Sale  Stock & Land 07/03/16

Yearling steers make to $1345 and PTIC cow top at $1340 at Dubbo  The Land 07/0/3/16

Prices ease as dry bites  Stock & Land 07/03/16

Lead feedlot buyers set a good pace at Colac  Stock & Land 07/03/16

Dubbo sale 3 Mar 2016: Plainer yarding as dry conditions continue  Beef Central 04/03/16

Roma Store 1 Mar 2016: Restockers active on light cattle  Beef Central 02/03/16

NSW feedlots buy up record numbers of cattle  Queensland Country Life 02/03/16

NVLX Wodonga 1 Mar 2016: Northern demand fuels dearer trend  Beef Central 02/03/16

Wagga sale 29 Feb 2016: Reduced supply fuels further price lift  Beef Central 01/0/3/16

Black Angus top $11,000 at topstock bull sale  Queensland Country Life 01/03/16

Maternal traits key at Wagga  The Land 02/03/16


February 2016

Ballerat steer prices off-the-pace  The Land 26/02/16

Dubbo sale 25 Feb 2016: Restocker demand remains strong  Beef Central 26/02/16

Roma store 23 Feb 2016: steers and heifers firm  Beef Central 24/02/16

NVLX Wodonga 23 Feb 2016:Northern processors and feedlots active  Beef Central 24/02/16

Feedlot buyers put floor in Hamilton prices  The Land 23/02/16

Solid focus at Wodonga  Stock & Land 23/02/16

Tremendous start to 2016 for Maranoa  Queensland Country Life 23/02/16

Feedlot buyers put floor in Hamilton prices  The Land 23/02/16

Wagga sale 22 Feb 2016:Numbers up on hot weather, higher prices  Beef Central 22/02/16

Red hot beef at Leongatha  Stock & Land 22/02/16

Uncharted market surge  The Land 22/02/16

Demand for cattle continues at Ballarat steer sale  The weekly times 19/02/16

Wodonga heifers to $1580  The Land 19/02/16

Ballarat steers beat expectation  Stock & Land 19/02/16

Rewarding time for muscling  The Land 18/02/16

Angus breed runs in Costello blood  The Land 17/02/16

Stree-free cattle production impresses Japanese meat graders  QCL 17/02/16

End of an era for Kilburnie at Walcha  The Land 17/02/16

Exporting live heifers improves returns for Dysart Angus  The Weekly Times 16/02/16

SE Queenslanders swap supermarket blandness for Maleny magic  PRWire 3/02/16

Black cattle opening more doors for Northern NSW producers  The Land 1/02/16


January 2016

Chinese beef selling company visits Central Australian cattle station  ABC Rural 29/01/16

Ideal cattle at Bairnsdale  Stock & Land 25/01/16

PTIC Heifers reach $2000 at Yea’s January 2016 feature female sale  Stock & Land 22/1/16

Colac’s black magic  Stock & Land 18/1/16

Feedlots underpin Hamilton’s heifer sale   Stock & Land 18/1/16

The rebuilding of Australia’s national beef herd is tipped to increase demand for quality females, including at Yea’s annual female sale
  Stock & Land 18/01/16

Demand remains strong at Yea weaner sale  Stock & Land 18/01/16

Wodonga weaner sales – week two | Rolling coverage  Queensland Country Life 17/01/16

Price remains the best drawcard for producers  Stock & Land 16/01/16

Lack of feed and water and good prices lead to large yarding at Warrnambool  The Weekly Times 16/01/16

Small yarding at Wangaratta still attracts buyers  The Weekly Times 15/01/16

Euroa weaner sale reaches $1275/head  Stock & Land 13/01/16

Northern buyers take day two at Wodonga buy storm  The Land 12/01/16

Stellar prices at female F1 sale  Stock & Land 11/01/16

Colac’s weaner steers to $1290  Stock & Land 11/01/16

Northern buyers underpin prices at Colac  The Weekly Times 11/01/16

Steer calves hit 354c/kg at Casterton  Stock & Land 11/01/16

Wodonga, January 8: Prices still in the black  The Weekly Times 08/01/16

Strong local demand for Mt Compass female sale  Stock Journal 08/01/16

Elders Yea tops at $1410  Stock & Land 08/01/16

Mount Gambier, January 8: Vendors pleased with rates  Stock Journal 08/01/16

Wodonga weaner sales under way on day two  Stock Journal 08/01/16

Weaner prices still solid at Wodonga  The Land 08/01/16

Victoria’s annual 2016 calf sales coverage  The Weekly Times 08/01/16

Northern competition continues to support southern weaner sales prices  Stock & Land 07/01/16

Wodonga weaners top at $1330  The Land 07/01/16

Wodonga, January 7: Weaner sale sets new highs  The Weekly Times 07/01/16

Numbers swell for annual weaner sales at Barnawartha  The Border Mail 05/01/16

Record rates at famed new year calf sales  The Weekly Times 06/01/16

Weaner steer prices average 331c/kg at Hamilton on Tuesday  Stock & Land 05/01/16

Hamilton steers ride wave of support  Stock & Land 05/01/16

Casterton, January 5: ‘Exceptional’ prices  The Weekly Times 05/01/16

Weaners dearer at Victoria’s opening new year calf sale at Hamilton   The Weekly Times 04/01/16

Vic weaner sales’ cracking start  Stock & Land 04/01/16