Northern Australia Protocols – Guidelines for using Angus Bulls

July 10, 2019 2:11 pm

Angus Australia have recently developed the northern Australia protocols, for producers to use as a guideline for using Angus bulls in northern Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.  These have been developed in response to the increased interest in the utilisation of Angus bulls and Angus genetics in the northern areas of Australia.

These guides have been developed to assist breeders in their decision-making process and to maximise the productivity and longevity of Angus bulls in breeding herds, and assist in the full process of purchasing, delivering and the ongoing management of Angus bulls in northern Australia.

The guides cover the considerations necessary for utilising Angus bulls in the northern areas of Australia including pre-joining,  joining, post-joining and mustering considerations.  The guides also provide general checklists for producers to utilise when purchasing and relocating Angus bulls to their operations.

The protocols have been developed based on feedback provided by producers, and industry and government resources.

Members are encouraged to contact Angus Australia Northern Development Officer Jonathan Faris for further information regarding the protocols, and any queries or questions regarding utilising Angus in the North at or on 0417 219 405.

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