Angus Australia

Northern Australian beef production

The beef industry in northern Australia represents 64% of the total Australian beef cattle herd (ABARES). Queensland alone accounts for some 11.3 million head, or 45% of the total Australian cattle population, whereas the Northern Territory totals approximately 2.1 million head or 8% of the total Australian cattle population (source – MLA Cattle numbers – as at June 2019 per Natural Resource Management Region).

With the volume and value of cattle located in northern Australia, it is widely recognised that there are significant opportunities for many beef cattle herds which will impact on the efficiency and profitability of beef businesses and the beef supply chain. These include areas of;

  • Fertility
  • Market flexibility
  • Meat quantity and quality for the consumer
  • Animal welfare

The 2014 Australian federal government white paper on Developing Northern Australia highlights a key area pertaining to northern beef production being a ‘more productive and resilient cattle industry’ with a focus on ‘beef genetics and value add processing’.

Angus Australia has an important role to play in this initiative and is committed to focussing on the opportunities for the northern Australia beef industry. This is by way for a specific Northern Development program which commenced in January of 2018.