Off to K-State – Rebecca George the 2019 Kansas State Scholarship Recipient

January 7, 2020 2:40 pm

Angus Youth is pleased to announce Rebecca George as the 2019 Kansas State University Scholarship recipient.

Following her selection, Miss George was awarded the scholarship and will spend 4 months abroad in Kansas, attending the university whilst also experiencing the American lifestyle.

The Kansas State University is one the best agricultural universities in the USA, and the scholarship allows Miss George to attend the university for one semester.  Miss George will have access to the university’s own seedstock and commercial herd, feedlot, feed mill, brilliant teaching facilities and high-quality teaching staff.

 “I am incredibly excited to experience some of the American Beef Industry and very grateful to have the opportunity to study at K-State University,” said Miss George.

 “I believe that studying at K-State and experiencing the US Beef industry will greatly advance my future in the beef industry. The US are global leaders in beef production, by experiencing their industry and production systems I hope to be able to bring home new and different ideas to apply in Australia.”

Miss George looks to use her experience at K-State to further her personal and professional development within the beef industry.

“I’m interested in subjects on marketing in the beef industry as well as subjects focused on beef production. I believe that marketing will continue to become increasingly important for our industry, from producers right through to the export sector.

“I am interested to learn about different and new production strategies being used in the US and would like to further my knowledge on nutrition and reproduction.”

“By studying beef focused subjects at K-State University I am aiming to further develop my skills in both marketing and beef production to be able to contribute to the future of Australian beef.”

2018 scholarship recipient Annabelle Butler was part of the interview panel for this year’s scholarship and said the following in regard to Miss George’s selection.

“Rebecca had a clear understanding of her place within the current and future beef industry, both within Australia and internationally – I have no doubt that she will be one to watch in the industry,” said Miss Butler.

“She has a positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning and will certainly be a great asset to the K-State Animal Science department during her time in the US.”

Miss George hails from Nevertire, NSW, and currently studies a Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business majoring in International Business at the University of New England.

Involved in the beef cattle industry since childhood, Miss George has competed in youth cattle shows and junior judging competitions.  She has also worked internationally for agricultural contractors, as well as domestically in positions as farm hands on her family farm and on an Angus stud.

Miss George was cattle team captain and agricultural prefect during her time in high school, mentoring younger students and taking on reasonability’s on the school farm.

More recently, Miss George has also been involved in committees for shows and youth shows and is heavily involved in her family’s commercial Angus herd.

Miss Butler expressed that those shortlisted for the 2019 scholarship were an excellent group of representatives for the Australian beef industry.

“The shortlisted applicants had impressive backgrounds and skillsets, and all displayed a strong passion for the beef industry.”

“They were a great group of applicants and it was certainly difficult to narrow down only one person for the scholarship. I would encourage all of the applicants to apply again next year.”

Rebecca will begin her time at K-State in January, and during her time abroad will be keeping a blog detailing her experiences.

“I would like to thank Angus Australia and the Angus Foundation for this incredible opportunity to experience and study beef in the US!” said Miss George.

A word from Annabelle on K-State:

My overall experience at K-State was second to none, but it was definitely the people who made it so great. The passion, generosity and friendliness of Americans is incredible, and I really hope that Rebecca gets the chance to meet some of the people I was lucky enough to spend time with.