Rangers Valley Black Market the best in the Darling Downs

October 22, 2019 2:32 pm

It was a big night for Rangers Valley Black Market at the recent Darling Downs Beef Battle, with the Verified Black Angus Beef brand taking out grain fed and overall champion of the event.

Coming up against 10 of the best beef brands in the Darling Downs region, Black Market took out the top honours following a blind test of the Sirloin Steak by 324 individual judges. 

Each entry was judged across five different categories; flavour, flavour intensity, tenderness, juiciness and overall likeability. 

Rangers Valley Managing Director Keith Howe said the following about the win.

“Black Market is our 270-day grain fed, Verified Black Angus Beef that is marble score 5 and higher. It is exported all around the world and chosen by some of the world’s top chefs,” Mr Howe said. 

“We have a lot of passionate people that are all collaborating across the supply chain and to see our premium Angus brand, Black Market win, we’re really, really pleased with it.

Black Market, which is 100% black Angus beef, is a high marbling brand fed for 270 days, free of HGPs.  

Independently verified by Angus Australia, Black Market is part of the Verified Black Angus Beef program. 

Angus Australia Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson said the following. 

“It’s fantastic and not unsurprising to see the Black Market brand by Rangers Valley take out this win.”

It places the spotlight on a brand that not only exceeds the expectations of consumers but works diligently to protect the Angus breed by working closely with Angus producers sourcing only the best Angus cattle to demonstrate to the world the quality of Australia’s Verified Black Angus Beef.

Angus Australia Strategic Projects Manager Christian Duff highlighted the work Rangers Valley has done as an industry partner to Angus Australia.  

“Rangers Valley is a major collaborator in research and development with Angus Australia through their involvement in the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) and we congratulate Rangers Valley on this achievement,” said Mr Duff.

Through our genetics R&D programs, we aim to assist the beef supply chain with the continued improvement and supply of high quality Angus beef for the consumer.  The ASBP plays a key role in this, which has positive spin-off impact to a diverse range of beef feeding and finishing systems.” 

Top Image: Winners – Keith Howe & Andrew Moore