MBR – Multi Breed Register

The Multi Breed Register (MBR) is a seedstock register for non-straight bred Angus. Recording pedigree information in the MBR allows herds breeding Angus influenced seedstock to participate in Angus BREEDPLAN. For example, a breeder producing Charolais-Angus bulls would be able to record their herd in the MBR and obtain EBVs. In time and with sufficient AGBU research those EBVs are expected to become comparable to the Angus EBV base.



All Full and Junior Full Members of Angus Australia are eligible to record animals in the MBR and participate in Angus BREEDPLAN.

Pedigree Performance Certificates for MBR animals are issued by Angus Australia on request

Members who wish to enrol new animals on the MBR can do so by completing an MBR Base Animal Input Form or by submitting the animal details electronically. Forms are available from Angus Australia and can also be downloaded from our Angus Web site. Click here and scroll down to find MBR forms.

To be enrolled as a Base MBR an animal must have individual identification number, (NLIS tag, tattooing and/or double tagging recommended) and the animal’s birth year must be known. Actual birth dates and Sire Idents, if known should also be included to improve the accuracy of genetic evaluation through Angus BREEDPLAN.

A standard eight-character breed code must be provided for all animals submitted for recording in the MBR. A list of standard breed codes can be obtained from Angus Australia.

Calves arising from multiple-sire joining groups can be recorded on the MBR provided the dam and all sires in the multiple-sire group are registered in either the HBR, RAR, APR or MBR.

Individual performance records for base animals cannot be included on Angus BREEDPLAN. However, performance records on progeny of base animals can be included.

Following the recording of Base MBR animals, the breeder may then submit calf details on a Calf Record Form or electronically. Once the calves are recorded breeders are sent further forms for entry of subsequent performance details (200-Day Weight, 400-Day Weight, etc.) for inclusion in Angus BREEDPLAN.



The fees for using the MBR are outlined in the current Angus Society Regulations.

Following the first year, an annual Herd Inventory fee is payable for all females 2 years and older recorded on the MBR.

In the 12 months following the initial recording of new females on the MBR, a Calf Record Form will be sent out to the breeder. This form lists all active females recorded for the herd and provides space for calf details to be completed and returned to Angus Australia. These details include Calf Ident, Sire Ident, birth date, birth weight (optional) and a calving ease score (optional) MBR calves can also be recorded electronically via the member download area. Pedigree Performance Certificates are provided for all animals recorded in the MBR on written request from the recorded owner.

Breeders wishing to participate in Angus BREEDPLAN must pay an annual Angus BREEDPLAN enrolment fee.



Historic performance data on MBR animals can be included and a fee is charged per calf. If error free data can be electronically entered from a compatible software program then the costs can be reduced.



If you require further information about the APR please contact The Member Services Team on Phone 02 6773 4600, Fax 02 6772 3095 or Email regos@angusaustralia.com.au

Members who wish to enrol new animals on the MBR can do so by completing a MBR Base Animal Input Form or by submitting the animal details electronically.


Base MBR Female Input Form & Instructions