RAR – Red Angus Register

The Red Angus Register (RAR) has been established by Angus Australia for the recording of Red Angus animals. This register was set up to allow herds moving cattle from the Red Angus Society of Australia to Angus Australia. Where animals are not eligible for registration in the HBR, they can be registered in the RAR if they meet the following requirements:

  • All animals recorded in the Red Angus Register must either be red in colour or proven carriers of the red gene
  • They must have at least a three generation pedigree recorded.

Animals recorded in the RAR are eligible for inclusion in Angus BREEDPLAN. Fees do apply. A copy of the fee schedule can be found on the Angus Australia Rules & Regulations.



All Full and Junior Full members of Angus Australia are eligible to record animals in the RAR.

For all new animals to be entered into the RAR a certificate must be provided which contains a three generation pedigree recorded either in an appropriate register of the Red Angus Association of Australia, the Angus Herd Book Register, the Angus Performance Register, or a register maintained by an approved overseas Angus or Red Angus Association.

Where ownership is not clearly stated on the three generation pedigree certificate then proof of ownership is required before animals can be recorded on the RAR.

The word Red in brackets must be included in the stud name of all red animals recorded in the RAR. Any black-hided red-gene carrier animals recorded in the RAR must have the word black in brackets at the end of its registered name.



The fees for using the RAR are outlined in the Angus Australia Rules & Regulations.

The base RAR registration fee covers initial entry of females on the RAR plus the first year’s Herd Inventory fee.

Breeders wishing to participate in Angus BREEDPLAN must pay an annual Angus BREEDPLAN enrolment fee.

In the 12 months following the initial recording of new females on the RAR, a Calf Record Form will be sent out to the breeder. This form lists all active females recorded for the herd and provides space for calf details to be completed and returned to Angus Australia. These details include Calf Ident, Sire Ident, birth date, birth weight (optional) and a calving ease score (optional) RAR calves can also be recorded electronically via the member download area. Pedigree Performance Certificates are provided for all animals recorded in the RAR on written request from the recorded owner.

Following the notification of calf details breeders are sent further forms for entry of subsequent performance details (200-Day Weight, 400-Day Weight, etc.) for inclusion in Angus BREEDPLAN.



If you require further information about the ACR please contact The Member Services Team, Ph: 02 6772 3011, Fax: 02 6772 3095 or Email regos@angusaustralia.com.au