Relaunch of Angus Brand Verification

April 3, 2018 2:08 pm

With the transition phase of services provided by CAG Pty Ltd over to Angus Australia complete, I am excited to share Angus Australia’s new Angus Brand Verification Program. This program consists of 2 levels of verification, Verified Black Angus Beef and Verified Angus Beef.

Both programs are utilised by many well-known Angus brands as a clear show of support for and protection of the Angus brand and Angus Australia.

Why are there two programs? I’m glad you asked. Throughout the supply chain there are numerous brands that suit specific markets. With that being the case, what can these brands do to stand out from the crowd. By utilising the Angus Brand Verification that best describes their brand, differentiation is achieved and a genuine marketing advantage over their competitors.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of these two programs;

Both programs have a minimum standard of specification, of which all must be met.

These sets of assessment guidelines have been developed collaboratively with the brands Angus Australia verifies to meet customer specification and demand.

The Verified Black Angus Beef verification is our top level of verification and demonstrates to the market that they can purchase product carrying this stamp with confidence they are buying quality black Angus beef.

Verified Angus Beef is our second-tier verification with the key difference of parentage with the dam able to be a minimum 50% Angus animal. Consumers still know they are buying Angus product, however this product may contain a maximum of 25% from another breed.

The list of brands utilising Angus Brand Verification is continuing to grow, with increased interest from more brands from across the country coming on board.

A key significance of Angus Brand Verification is the commitment by these verified brands and the companies who own them to the protection of the “Angus’ brand. This commitment shows a genuine interest to work with Angus Australia to the advantage of its members.

With Angus Australia’s brand verification being completely independent of the brand owner, the confidence of the customers of these brands that it truly is Angus, is at an all-time high. Couple that with the consumers awareness that the verification is independently conducted by the body representing Australian Angus producers who raised the animals and the story doesn’t get much better.

Angus Australia is working collaboratively with these brand owners to build recognition and awareness of the Verified Black Angus Beef and Verified Angus Beef stamp throughout domestic and international markets.

It’s exciting to share that Angus Australia will be supporting these brands in their key international marketing activities in Asia in the coming months.  Also, an innovative campaign will run in a large supermarket business in Australia.  I look forward to sharing more about these activities in our next Angus Bulletin.

For more information on Angus Brand Verification please visit the Supply Chain tab on our website or contact Liz Pearson, Commercial Supply Chain Manager, 0488 758 360 or