Report from Angus Australia AGM and Board meeting conducted on 19-21st May 2016

May 31, 2016 4:44 pm

The 97th Annual General Meeting of the Angus Society of Australia was conducted in Albury 19th May 2016, followed by a Board meeting on the 20-21st May 2016.

Annual General Meeting
At the Annual General Meeting, President Mr Hugh Munro tabled the consolidated Financial Statements for the Angus Society of Australia and Controlled Entities, the Director’s Declaration, and the Reports of the Directors and the Auditor for the financial year ended 31 December 2015. These statements and reports are included in the 2015 Annual Report available in the member’s login area of the Angus Australia website.

Mr Munro acknowledged the contributions of retiring Directors, Mr Max Badcock and Mr Tony Seymour, elected Directors from Tasmania; Mr Tony Golding, elected Director from Western Australia; and Mr Peter Trahar, elected Director from NSW. He advised that the AGM also marked the end of his 4th term on the Board and as such he was also retiring from the Board as required by the Angus Australia Constitution.

Members were notified that considering newly elected Directors, and those with continuing terms, the following Directors will form the 2016 Angus Australia Board:

from South Australia: Mrs Libby Creek and Mr Perry Gunner;

from Tasmania: Mrs Samantha Dobson;

from NSW: Dr Laurence Denholm, Mr Dean Fredricksen and Mr Sam White;

from Western Australia: Mr Lindsay Wolrige;

from Queensland: Mr Brett Piraner;

and, from Victoria: Mr Brad Gilmour and Mr Michael Gadd.

Members were advised that under the Constitution, the elected Directors of the Board may appoint up to two Optional Appointed Directors with specific skills and experience that the Board believes are appropriate for the Board and which are not currently available amongst the elected Directors.

Mr Munro noted that during 2015 there were 21 members recognized with 25 years of membership. Also, the Graham family of Bongongo Angus attained 75 years of membership with the Society. He also acknowledged the Honorary Life Membership awarded by the Board to Dr Ian Watson in early 2016 for his outstanding service and contributions to the Angus breed and to Angus Australia members over many years.

Following the AGM, Angus Australia CEO Dr Peter Parnell, provided an overview of Angus Australia’s activities during 2015. It was noted that during the year Angus Australia maintained its strong industry leadership position, with increased business activity across all service areas. He noted that Angus Australia was well positioned for future growth and transformation; and, acknowledged the important contributions during the year of the Board, staff, State Committees, Regional Groups and the Angus Australia membership.

Angus Australia Board Meeting
At the Angus Australia Board meeting on the 20-21st May 2016, Directors appointed Mrs Libby Creek as President, and Mr Brad Gilmour as Vice-President.

Newly elected Directors Samantha Dobson, Laurie Denholm, Dean Fredricksen and Sam White were welcomed to the Board.

The Board met with Richard Norton, Managing Director of Meat and Livestock Australia, to discuss Angus Australia’s continued role in industry research, development and adoption activities, and its participation in the National Livestock Genetics Consortium.

Following consideration of Issue Papers from various Board Committees the following resolutions were passed by the Board:

– Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH) will be recognised as a genetic condition, noting the low prevalence and low economic impact of the condition and that a DNA test is available for any members who wish to test an animal. The OH status will be displayed on the Angus Australia website for animals that have been tested.

– Red Coat Colour will no longer be recognised as a genetic condition, but additional strategies will be put in place to monitor the presence of the coat colour gene.

– Muscular Hypertrophy will no longer be listed as a genetic condition.

– Regulation 6.20 will be amended to:

The following genetic conditions are recognised by the Society
• Alpha Mannosidosis (MA)
• Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM)
• Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA)
• Developmental Duplication (DD)
• Dwarfism (DW)
• Heterochromia Irides (HI)
• Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH)
• Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH)
• Osteopetrosis (OS)
• Syndactyl (SY)

– Regulation 6.40 will be amended to “The Society may conduct parentage verification of any animal registered or submitted for registration in the HBR, RAR, APR or MBR. When required, samples must be provided on request for the conduct of parentage verification on an animal deemed necessary by the Society”.

– The following new Regulation 15.2 will be inserted “Only members enrolled in Angus TACE are eligible to submit performance and genomic information for the production of EBVs”; and, the remaining clauses of Regulation 15 renumbered appropriately.

– Current Regulation 15.6 will be deleted.

– New Regulation 17 will be inserted, as follows:

Copyright in all Angus animal pedigree, performance, EBV or other data held by the Society, whether provided by Members or from services provided to the Society by third parties, vests in the Society. The Society uses the Angus animal pedigree and performance data to design, create and generate databases. These databases are generated and published by the Society for the commercial benefit of Members and the Society. The information contained in the databases is used by the Society for animal recording, Estimated Breeding Values, Index Values, sales catalogues, certification and other uses approved by the Society for the benefit of its members only. Non-members may use such information for research and education purposes only. No person nor other legal entity is permitted to use any part or item of information contained in the Society’s databases for any commercial purpose, unless permission has been expressly granted by the Society.

If members have any questions about these amendments to the Regulations, please contact Angus Australia staff on 026773500.

The next meeting of the Angus Australia Board will be conducted in Dubbo on 14-15th July 2016.

Peter Parnell,
CEO and Company Secretary,
26th May 2016