Restockers out in force for Angus on AuctionsPlus

February 3, 2016 5:20 pm

With the good rain around restockers were out in force in Friday’s AuctionsPlus Eastern States sale (29/01/16) with solid demand for breeders in particular.


Angus cows with big calves at foot were a hot commodity for a quick turnaround in the upcoming weaner selling season through NSW.


Some uncertainly in the market around processor activity lead to a reduced clearance rate on last week though sale prices remained reasonably steady.


20 Angus steers, 242kg, account Toop Earthmoving, Goondiwindi QLD topped the less than 250kg weight category reaching 407c/kg or $985/head
– Ben O’Neil, 52 Angus weaned steers, 249kg, $1011 (405c/kg)


Weaner steers were a hot commodity with 48 Angus steers account R & G McIntosh weighing 294kg topping the 250-300kg market category at 385c/kg or $1130/head. AuctionsPlus assessor Daniel Croker ‘Quality draft of weaned Angus steers showing good length and depth along with all the characteristics of the Angus breed’


78 Angus feeder steers, 372kg, account Coolac Cattle Company, Coolac NSW topped the 350-400kg category making 342c/kg or $1276/head.
– Dooer Downs Past Co, 25 Angus weaner steers, 354kg, $1150 (324c/kg)


Angus cattle once again topping the market in the 350-400kg steers portion with 25 Angus steers, 354kg, account Dooer Downs Pty Co, Brit Brit VIC, making 324c/kg or $1150/head


21 backgrounder Angus heifers joined their stable mates as category toppers, rounding out the less than 250kg heifer category. These heifers from Toop Earthmoving, Goonwidindi QLD weighed 247kg and made 375c/kg or $925/head.
– Red Island Beef, 39 Angus heifers, 267kg, $885 (332c/kg)


Feeder heifers in hot demand with 54 Angus heifers account J&M Gett, Wee Waa NSW making 323c/kg or $1080/head. These heifers weighed 335kg.
– Poverty Pastoral, 75 Angus backgrounder heifers, 292kg, $745 (292c/kg)
– Hillcrest Nominees Pty Ltd, 28 Angus heifers, 363kg, $1100 (303c/kg)
– JR Hutton, 28 Angus feeder heifers, 396kg, $1170 (295c/kg)
– Merewah Budleigh Pty Ltd, 27 Angus heifers, 385kg, $1135 (295c/kg)


48 Angus PTIC heifers, 544kg, account OF Lampe Pastoral Co, Coonamble NSW a standout topping the sale making $1860/head.
– M & L Latham, 33 Angus PTIC heifers, 552kg, $1850
– Glen Legh Pastoral, 31 Angus PTIC heifers, 493kg, $1710


Cows and calves continue to fire above $2000/head this week in Friday’s AuctionsPlus Eastern States sale (29/01/16) with strong demand from restockers on the back of quality general rain with 38 Angus cows 2-3 yrs of age with 1-3 month old calves at foot, account Yarraford Trust, Glen Innes NSW topping the market at $2175/head.
– Old Springfield Partnership, 13 Angus PTIC Heifers & calves, $2110

48 Angus steers, 293kg topped the 250-300kg market portion for steers at $1130 (385c/kg)

54 Angus feeder heifers, 335kg topped the 300-350kg market portion for heifers at $1080 (323c/kg)

48 Angus PTIC heifers, 544kg topped the PTIC market portion for heifers at $1860

38 Angus cows 3-4 yrs with calves 1-3 months at foot topped the market $2175

Pictured top: Some of the 38 Cows & Calves that topped the market at $2175. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus