Saleyard demand for Angus cattle

January 6, 2016 2:17 pm

The Colac monthly store cattle sale (VIC 04/12/15) saw a numbers boost as producers chose to sell earlier than normal, but it certainly didn’t mean a drop in prices as strong competition ensured solid results were received.

A pen of 6 Angus steers, 18 months, 508kg, on account of G&J Welsh and 1 Angus steer, 500kg, offered by J Burns, made the sale top for steers of $1470.

Mark and Leah Jacob, Dreeite South sold 262 Angus mixed sex weaners, March/April drop, making $880 to $1,075. The top price being paid for a pen of 32 steers at 326kg. The heifer portion made $630-$880.

Judy and Kevin Kent, Weerite VIC, offered 94 mixed sex weaners that sold to a top of $1,190, for a pen of 19 Angus steers.

PTIC Angus breeding females hit new highs of $2,100 at the Naracoorte Angus feature female sale (SA 03/12/15), with prices $600 to $700 above last year.

PW & KM Bryson, Keppoch SA offered 17 outstanding EU accredited March-April 2014 drop heifers that are due to calve shortly.

Another 20 of Bryson’s EU females were sold for $1900. Overall Brysons sold 54 heifers for a $1906 average.

Mature females topped at $1,570 for a pen of six-year-old cows from Mr Todd.

Rodney & Sue Ahrns, Point Sturt SA received the best presented pen of PTIC heifers and made $1,680.

And showing the strength in the market at the moment their seconds made just $10 less at $1,670.

Other Naracoorte results:
–  102 Angus heifers, JH & RA Higgins, Kingston SA, sold to $1,790, average $1,760
–  117 Angus heifers,  Delta Produce, sold  to $1,840, average $1,754
–  78 Angus heifers, Panmurra Partners, Keith SA average $1,760

The start of the Victorian weaner sales began at Euroa (VIC 02/12/15) with Angus cattle making their mark from the outset as steers made over $1,300 on two occasions, both times for Angus.

The market’s top price for steers of $1,370 a head was achieved for a pen of 16 Angus steers 434kg on account of Marge King, Balmattum VIC.

21 Angus steers, 388kg, offered by Jumbuck Park, Violet Town VIC sold for $1,315.

Strong start to VIC Weaner Sales at Euroa where Angus steers topped the market at $1370

Angus steers regularly sold above 350c/kg at Pakenham (VIC 03/12/15) with the top price for steers received being 344c/kg or $1,170 for a pen of Angus.

The female market topped at $2380, for a pen of Angus cows with their first and second calves at foot.

The heifer market was also topped by Angus cattle, with 21 Angus heifers, 319kg making $1,020 or 320c/kg.

6 Angus steers 565kg, on account of P Williams Lysterfield VIC and another 6 offered by R Thompson French Island VIC, made $1,645

Angus cross steers topped the feeder steer market (400-550kg) at the Roma store cattle sale (QLD 01/12/15). The 420kg steers offered by W & M Jones, Roma QLD, were knocked down for 335c/kg to return $1,410.

Other Roma results:
–  Angus steers, 209kg, A & Y Emery, Wallumbilla QLD, made 372c/kg or $778
–  Angus cross steers, 212kg, Layershire, Mungallala QLD, made 372c/kg or $791
–  38 Angus cross steers, 218kg, Handley Family, Mungallala QLD, made 356c/kg or $777
–  Angus cross heifers, 188kg, Layershire, Mungallala QLD, made 340c/kg or $642

The Bairnsdale store cattle sale (VIC 30/11/15) saw strong competition for cows and calves among graziers and re-stockers.

Angus cows and calves topped the sale at $1,980, on account of D & D Spence, Fernbank VIC.

Creighton Grange Angus, Mt Taylor VIC, topped the heifer market with 16, 13-15-month-old Angus heifers making $1,110 each.

Other Bairnsdale results:
–  21 Angus steers, 504kg, Peter and Phyllis Sutton, Buchan VIC, sold to a top of $1,520, average $1,365
–  Angus steers, 476kg, V & J Bowman, Winindoo VIC, made $1,460
–  13 Angus steers, 420kg, V & J Bowman, Winindoo VIC, made $1,300
–  3 Angus cow and calf units, Jacqueline Bradford, Newmerella VIC, made $1,900

Angus heifers topped the Elders Boyanup weaner sale in Western Australia when they were knocked down for 320c/kg. The 12 heifers on account of RB McNab were 231kg and made $741 per head.

TP Aldridge, Donybrook WA, shared the top price honours, when their 4 Angus heifers also made 320c/kg or $568.

Other Boyanup weaner sale results:
–  15 Angus steer calves, 253kg, WA College Agriculture, Harvey WA, made360c/kg or $777
–  15 Angus steer calves, 291kg, WA College Agriculture, Harvey WA, made348c/kg or $1,013
–  14 Angus steers, 357kg, PE & JA Middleton, Donnybrook WA, made 328c/kg or $1,171
–   Angus steer calves, DI & GM Hill, Busselton WA, made 324c/kg or $1,161
–  12 Angus steers, GTS Orchards, Donnybrook WA, made 300c/kg or $1,311
–  Angus heifers, P & J Middleton, made 314c/kg or $831
–  Angus heifers, 376kg, Alcoa, made 296c/kg or $1,113
–  11 Angus heifers, 304kg, P & J Middleton, made 296c/kg or $900

Boynaup (WA 24/11/15):
–  12 Angus steers vealers, 402kg, Jubilee Farms, made 308c/kg or $1,238

Angus steers and heifers topped the Boyanup store cattle sale (WA 24/11/15).

A pen of 8 Angus steers 530kg, on account of DF & SL Fox made $1,484 to make the top price for beef steers.

$938 as the top price paid for beef appraisal steers, when L Stackhouse presented their 10 Angus steers.
Heifers reached a top of $1,680, for 10 Angus cross heifers offered by Rosebrook Estate.

Other results around Australia –

Strathalbyn (SA 30/11/15):
–  14 Angus steers, 393kg, Camelback Pastoral, made $1,240
–  15 Angus steers, 272kg, AW Ness & KJ Murray, made $1,000
–  10 Angus heifers, 359kg, Longridge Pastoral Co, made $1,010
–  10 Angus cows with calves, Busy Bend Farm , made $1,900
–   5 Angus cows with calves, Busy Bend Farm , made $1,890

Sale (VIC 20/11/15):
–  42 Angus steers, WB & MN Hawkins, Seaspray VIC, made $1,100-$1,200 per head
–  13 Angus cross steers, GR Lawless, made $960-$1,050
–   3 Angus cross Hereford heifers, Golden Grove Victoria Pty Ltd, made $1,065 TOP PRICE

Great Southern (Mt Barker WA 19/1/15):
–  14 Angus weaner steers, 21kg, made 360c/kg or $766
–  14 Angus weaner steers, 371kg, DL & AL Stephens, made 325c/kg or $1,205
–  11 Angus weaner steers, 327kg, Silton Park, made 31c/kg or $1,049
–   7 Angus weaner steers, 410kg, made 311c/kg or $1,275
–   6 Angus cross cows and calves made $1,820

Pictured top: Pence Dix & Co director and auctioneer Jono Spence congratulates Rob Galbraith and Paul Bryson, Keppoch on topping the Angus feature female sale. The $2100 top price was easily a new record for the sale which is in its seventh year. Image courtesy of Stock & Land