Saleyard prices continue upwards

January 19, 2016 2:26 pm

Angus and Angus influenced cattle have continued the success they saw at saleyards in 2015, as demand and high prices reflect the quality offerings put forward by vendors.

The first monthly store cattle held at Mt Gambier, SA (8/1/16), may not have seen the prices vendors at the weaner sales have received, but the 2,224 strong yarding still saw some phenomenal results.

The sale top of $1,455 was paid for a pen of 22 Angus and Angus cross, 18-20 months, 488kg on account of Kibby Road.

Heifers made up to $1,035 for a pen of 10 Angus cross Hereford heifers, 375kg on account of  VL Morutto & Braemoor.

Other Mt Gambier quotes:
–    23 Angus steers, 442kg, Kaladbro Pastoral Co, made $1,380
–    10 Angus/Hereford steers, 458kg,, Kleenview Casterton, made $1,375
–    17 Angus steers, 12-14 months, 440kg, Avondale,  made $1,340
–    15 Angus steers, 425kg, DJ & JA Matthews, made $1,250
–    15 Angus steers, 386kg, PL & MR Winser, made $1,200
–    25 Angus steers, 442kg, Kaladbro Pastoral Co, made $1,180
–    16 Angus steers, 10-12 months, 352kg, Morella, made $1,100
–    14 Angus steers, 348kg, Nangkita, made $1,060
–    24 Angus steers, 322kg, Hann Farms, made $1,015
–    13 Angus steers, 280kg, BR & JM Lucas, made $955
–    20 Angus steers, 278kg, Killarnie, made $950
–    11 Angus steers, 260kg, Gralan, made $945
–    58 Angus cross Hereford heifers 372-405kg, Mt Schanck, averaged $1,093 to a top of $1,140 for a pen of 20

The Mt Compass annual breeders sale (SA 8/1/16) was well up on the prices received in 2015.

PTIC dairy cross heifers reached a top price of $1,980 for a pen of 10 Angus cross Friesian heifers, due to calve February. The heifers were offered on account of RAC Props, Mt Compass.

The same vendor sold another 15 for $1,860, 10 for $1,820 and 6 for $1,780.

JP & CJ Rye, Victor Harbour, received the top price for PTIC beef cross heifers, when their 2 Angus cross Hereford heifers made $1,920.

Unjoined heifers topped the sale at $1,200 for an offering of 17, 14 month old Angus heifers on account of JT & PC Whelams.

Other Mt Compass quotes:
–    4 PTIC Angus cross heifers. BE & PA Walker, Victor Harbour, made $1,820
–    13 PTIC Angus heifers, St Vincents, Hindmarsh Tiers, made $1,800
–    5 PTIC Angus cross second calvers, Tulloch Lands Trust, Victor Harbour, made $1,760

The Camperdown F1 female sale (VIC 8/1/16) also saw Angus Friesian cross heifers dominate the market for F1 females, with a top price of $2,100.

This price was paid for an offering of joined Angus cross Friesian heifers on account of Malcolm Alexander, South Purrumbete.

Angus cross Friesian heifers also topped the unjoined heifer market, making $1,310 for a pen of females offered by Wire Lane Holdings.

Other Camperdown quotes:
–    22, 2.5 year old Angus cross Friesian heifers, Grahma & Merilyn Sutherland, Warrion, made $2,000. Offered 108 head all up to average $1,922.

Steers peaked at $1,225 at the Strathalbyn feature sale (SA 6/1/6), with 10 Angus weaner steers knocked down for the top price. On account of M McCallum, the February/March drop steers weighed 430kg.

The heifer market was also topped by M McCallum, with 6 February/March drop heifers, 407kg, making $1,190.

Other Strathalbyn quotes:
–    14 Angus steers, 395kg, March/April drop, Pine-Brae, made $1,185

Other quotes around Australia:

Roma Store Cattle Sale (QLD 12/1/16):
–    Angus cross heifers, 191kg, Bracco Cattle Co, Roma QLD, made 342c/kg or $653

Boyanup (WA 5/01/16):
–    8 Angus steer vealers, 328kg,  TWT Dickson, made 304c/kg or $999
–    5 Angus steer vealers, 405kg, JP & S Moyes, made 304c/kg or $1,231

Muchea (WA 4/01/16):
–    28 Angus steers, 245kg, Timaru Pastoral Co, Gingin, made 332c/kg or $814
–    11 Angus steers, 238kg, RJ & E Cunningham, Morawa, made 330c/kg or $788
–    9 Angus steers, 270kg, Boree Park Enterprises, Beermullah, made 320c/kg or $864
–    6 Angus steers, 279kg, RJ & E Cunningham, Morawa, made 308c/kg or $859

Pictured above: Graham and Merilyn Sutherland of Warrion near Colac received $2,000 a head for two pens of Angus Friesian cross heifers and averaged $1,922 for the 108 cattle they offered, at the Camperdown F1 female sale. Image courtesy of Stock & Land.