Saleyard prices remain strong

January 6, 2016 12:50 pm

Prices may have eased for cattle in the saleyards, but Angus and Angus cross cattle certainly remain in demand as they reached consistent prices around Australia.

The final sale of the year at Warnambool (VIC 27/11/15), was considered to be their best ever.

Cherrymount, Glenthompson VIC topped the prices for grown Angus steers to make 331c/kg for a pen of 447kg or $1,479.

The same vendor also offered a pen of 502kg Angus steers that made 328c/kg or $1,646.

Cherrymount also topped the heifer portion of the salae, making 299c/kg or $1,103 for their Angus heifers that were 369kg.

Joined Angus females, due to calve in March made $1,710.

The first autumn drop only weaner sale kicked off in Yea (VIC 27/11/15) and gave a fairly good indication of what we should expect in the new year with prices up more than $400 on last year.

Agents quoted the main run of Angus steers selling from 320c/kg to 380c/kg.

Steers sold to a top of $1285, for a pen of 23 Angus cross Charolais offered by Melbourne Polytechnic.

While the Hamilton family, Homewood VIC, sold 117 Angus weaners to a top of $1175, more than $400 up on last year’s result.

Angus cattle were in demand at the special store cattle sale at Hamilton (VIC 25/11/15) achieving top price per head and on a cents per kilogram basis for steers that were hotly contested.

7 EU accredited Angus steers, 514kg reached the top price per head when the steers offered by Wannanwong were knocked down for $1,579 (305c/kg).

342c/kg was the top price on cents per kilogram, with this price achieved for a yard of 280kg Angus weaners offered by Grassdale.

Other Hamilton results:

– Angus steers, 544kg, G & M Simkin, made $1,528
– 16 EU accredited Angus steers, 310kg, Toolanga, made 341c/kg
– 33 Angus steers, 335kg, The Hummocks, made 337c/kg or $1,458
– 36 Angus steers, 371kg, Maringa Angus, made 317c/kg
– 17 Angus steers, 406kg, McIntyre Family, made 321c/kg
– 13 EU accredited Angus steers, 437kg, Dooerdowns, made 308c/kg
– 37 Angus heifers, 297kg, VJ & SK Rowett, made 308c/kg

Steers reached a top of 379c/kg at the Kyneton monthly store cattle sale (VIC 25/11/15). A large draft of mark one weaner Angus steers, offered by Roberts and Bassett were knocked down for the top price to make $1,210 per head.

Cows and calves topped at $1,700 for a pen of 8 Angus cows with calves at foot.

The Dubbo store cattle sale (NSW 20/11/15) saw 14 Angus cows on their third calf top the sale for cow and calf units at $2,070. The cows had been rejoined to Angus bulls and were offered by Neil and Susan Cosier, Wellington NSW.

Weaner steers, 3-6 months old sold to $920 at the Dunedoo store cattle sale (NSW 19/11/15). The top price was paid for Angus cross weaner steers on account of IC & DG Roworth, Mendooran NSW.

While L & A Washbrook, Merrygoen, NSW sold their Angus cross weaners steers for $910.

Other results around Australia:

Wodonga (VIC 26/11/15):
– Angus steers, Dawn Macauley, Huon VIC made $1,050 and $1,185 (344-357c/kg)
– 22 Angus heifers, 362kg, Magic Glen Farms, made $1,040 or 287c/kg (top price per head)

Roma store cattle sale (QLD 24/11/15):
-Angus cross steers, 246kg, R&E Yeomans, Walgett NSW, made 334c/kg or $823
-Angus heifers, 244kg, R&E Yeomans, Walgett NSW, made 328c/kg or $803
-Angus cross heifers, 198kg, B & N Bauer, Augathella QLD, made 332c/kg or $659

Ballarat (VIC 20/11/15):
– 29 Angus steers, 345kg, Cherrymount, made $1,200 or 347c/kg
– 59 Angus steers, 365kg, Cherrymount, made $1,250 or 342c/kg
– 24 Angus steers, 385kg, Halfpenny Green, made $1,310or 340c/kg
– 24 Angus steers, 426kg, Parklands, made $1,440 or 338c/kg
– 46 Angus steers, 395kg, Cherrymount, made $1,330 or 336c/kg
– 23 Angus steers, 440kg, Parklands, made $1,480 or 336c/kg
– 24 Angus steers, 400kg, Parklands, made $1,300 or 325c/kg
– 24 PTIC Angus heifers, Pretty Tower, made $1,670
– 33 Angus cows and calves, DL & JE Draffin, made $1,680

Muchea (WA 16/11/15):
– 10 Angus steers vealers, 300kg, Innaminka Farms Pty Ltd, made 319c/kg or $957

Boyanup (WA 17/11/15):
– 11 Angus steers, 333kg, JGG Bowie, made 328c/kg or $1,094
– 11 Angus steers, 354kg, JGG Bowie, made 326c/kg or $1,154
– 11 Angus steers, 348kg, JGG Bowie, made 326c/kg or $1,135
– 7 Angus steers, 403kg, DW Treloar, made 314c/kg or $1,267
– 9 Angus cross heifers, 389kg, DW Treloar, made 290c/kg or $1,129

Great Southern (Mt Barker WA 12/11/15):
– 13 Angus wenare steers, 323kg, E & DE Smith & Son, made 329c/kg or $1,062
– 18 Angus weaner steers, 369kg, made 328c/kg or $1,210
–  5 Angus weaner steers, 287kg, MI & DM Twentyman, made 325c/kg or $933
– 15 Angus yearling steers, 318kg, made 325c/kg or $1,034
– 12 Angus weaner steers, 356kg, TR & DM Bell, made 324c/kg or $1,153
– 12 Angus yearling steers, 396kg, Mt Barker Estate, made 321c/kg or $1,271
– 10 Angus yearling steers, 419kg, DR & DL Packard, made 310c/kg or $1,298
– 18 Angus yearling heifers, 343kg, Mindaree Grazing, made 298c/kg or $1,022
– 9 Angus heifers, 400kg, Manleydale Pty Ltd, made 289c/kg or $1,156

Pictured above: Action at the Yea saleyards. Image courtesy of The Farm Weekly